Enthusiasm creates great things

How are balloon businesses achieving great things?

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

How are balloon businesses achieving great things?

I have the pleasure of talking with balloon business owners daily about what is working well, and what they struggle with.

I hear stories from, “Nobody has money for balloons”, and “They want everything at a discount”

to “Business is Booming – I raised my prices and I have more clients now and have doubled my sales.”

So I then have to wonder…what is the difference? How are some balloon businesses achieving great things, while others struggle?

One key that I have noticed….. ENTHUSIASM!Enthusiasm creates great things

Yes, Enthusiasm… it’s contagious. When you are passionate about your business, the people in your organization feel it and look forward to working with you. When you talk to your clients on the phone or in person they can HEAR in your voice that you love what you do and they feel confident that you will create the event of their dreams and take care of them.

I want you to meet 3 people that share this trait.

I am going to give a shout out to 3 that are standing out in my mind of most recent. I share these stories as I see that many times people with the same opportunities that not everyone is having success..and often look to find what is the secret. I believe strongly that the #1 is mindset (that we daily get to choose) And those who go through life with Enthusiasm tend to have more success, quicker!

Cecile Williams-Bethel from the Bahamas. She is positive, seeks out education and puts what she learns right into action! It is a JOY to be in her presence with the positive energy and passion that flows from her. After our June workshop, she immediately went home and entered a parade to promote her company and has not stopped moving forward daily since.

Sheetal Kurup seen wearing a flamingo for our October workshop..She has been in the balloon industry LESS than 6 months. She came to Orlando for Promotions & Profits in October, and when she got home landed a Grand Opening for a mall creating (6) 33 foot arches, (8) 10 ft columns – and had never done a balloon arch prior to that event. She took the training from Gary Ledbetter and what she learned at the workshop, plus the network of balloon professionals she made calling on Johnathon Shelly Gerber and Amy DesChenes to support her in the project, with Eddie Heyland connecting her to Chris Tribuna (from our Chicago workshop) to assist her on the event.

Liz Romani, all I can say is THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE! She started attending training just 3 years ago and has increased the yearly balloons sales at the store she manages by $72,000!!! She is in a town of just 17,000 people!

On Novmeber 19th, Liz and I did our Tech Run for her November 28th Webinar where she is going to share how her enthusiasm and passion for balloons has helped her grow their sales and what ACTION steps she has taken.

As I serve as a creator of resources for the balloon industry – it is the ENERGY I receive being around, talking with and encouraging people of passion to GO for their Goals that helps me keep continue to create and push for more.

Thank you Cecile Williams-Bethel, Sheetal Kurup and Liz Romani for sharing your energy, dreams and goals with me. It is a pleasure to watch you achieve your goals and inspire others to know that anything is possible!

For those of you who need a little extra push to reach your goals, I encourage you to join us in the monthly Passport to Success program. You receive a training webinar with a guest speaker, action plan, and a follow up webinar to help you feel the energy from others who are having success with their results and get your questions answered!

Take action daily with a positive mindset and you will be achieving great things too!

For more support and ongoing training go to BalloonCoach.com

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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