Balloon Pricing for Profit

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Balloon Pricing for Profit
There are 3 key components to pricing your balloon decor for profit.

#1 Do not price from your own wallet

#2 Do the math figure out all the overhead cost for growth for your business to put into your retail pricing every time.

#3 Erase negative thoughts from your mind like, “no one will pay that much for balloons where I live”

How to avoid pricing from your own wallet.

As a creative person, pricing for profit is often one of the top hurdles in creating a Balloon Boss Mindset. We love to make pretty things that make our clients happy.  We are often people pleasers, so for us to say with confidence, “that will be $997 with tax and delivery, to schedule you on our calendar payment is due in full, I can take your credit card now will that be Visa or Mastercard?”

This can be scary at first, especially if you look at your own wallet and spending habits and would never personally spend $997 on balloons for an event.

To be profitable, you must put on your “balloon boss hat” when you quote a price, thinking about future growth of your business.  For you to stay in business and be around next year to serve your client again, you must price for longevity.

Do the math of overhead cost for business growth:
Delivery Vehicle
Bookkeeping software
Customer management system
Business Card
Ongoing education
Rent/lease/mortgage for dedicated business location
Electric and the list goes on!

ERASE negative thought’s from your mind.
Creating profitable pricing is typically really affected most by our personal mindset. That is why I encourage all creative balloon artists who want to make a steady income from balloons (no matter if part-time or full-time) to step into a Balloon Boss Mindset.

People near me will pay profitable pricing for balloons. Believe it with all your heart!
State your pricing with confidence.
Ask for the sale!
Solution:  Practice overcoming price objections and don’t take them personally.
Results:  Provide excellent customer service.
Performance:   Follow up with your your clients and create systems for growth!

We don’t know what we don’t know.  When I started in the balloon industry in 2003 I had no idea all the expenses that went into being a business owner.   I invested in business, balloon and sales training to increase my profits, knowledge and skills.

In Balloon Boss Mastermind, we now offer pricing calculator, webinar replays, editable pricing templates, sales scripts and ongoing training to increase your skills in overcoming pricing objections and knowing your worth.

Our monthly subscription can be used for just a month or stick around for years (like many of our members) to help you take the next step in growing your thriving balloon business.

No need to walk the path to success alone.
You can save time and money today with training and support at your fingertips 24.7

Balloon Boss Mastermind is a $297 a month value for just $97. The cost of one balloon column can lead to you increasing your monthly sales!

After you do your math if the number you see shocks you, I encourage you to look at other resources online at pricing.

For Balloon Pricing
Go to to see real life pricing from across the USA and Canada for Balloon arrangements and decor.

Join Balloon Boss Mastermind to have access to open conversation on pricing and access to our editable pricing guides to make quoting quick.

Understand the events industry, check out pricing in your local events industry:
Rental Companies
Catering Companies

When you see the real life cost of other services your clients are purchasing, you become more comfortable stating your profitable pricing and delivery fees with confidence.

Knowledge and experience bring you increased confidence.
Think like a Balloon Boss!
You got this!

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