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If you’re seeking balloon trainings near you, they may be closer than you think!

While you can find loads of balloon training at your fingertips through the website and in our Mastermind program, I’m taking it on the road this summer! I would love to see you in person for some balloon training and networking.

During the month of July, Balloon Coach will be making the following stops: Edison, New Jersey; Elmhurst, Illinois; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

You can view the full schedule details or sign up on our Facebook events page.

Wondering if this training is right for you? Take a moment to listen to Melissa Fox, St. Louis Missouri, as she shares how she grew her skills and confidence with WATCH HERE

During the summer tour, we will be talking goal setting, giving yourself a raise, Pricing for Profit, framing and rigging, both indoors and out for classic,  organic and mosaics.

There will be inflation stations to check out electric equipment to see what you like best. This is also an opportunity to grow your professional networks with other attendees!

Our Summer tour is for all levels of experience as we are talking about business building golden nuggets!

Looking for even MORE hands-on and a longer training? Join us in November in Orlando for Balloon Boss Summit to be one of 100 attendees with 18 instructors and mentors! Leave with professional photography to use in your marketing.

If none of the dates work for you, one-on-one online or in person training in Lakeland Florida can be arranged to meet your needs!
Email to arrance.

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