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Best Social Media Platforms for Balloon Businesses

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Social media is and ever-changing landscape and there are a LOT of choices out there. So what are the best social media platforms for balloon businesses? If you’re trying to decide where to market your balloon business and weighing all the options – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube (or whatever else pops up between now and the time you read this), the choice can seem quite overwhelming! 

Many of our Balloon Boss Mastermind members have been asking what is best for their business. Serena Waller, our Balloon Coach social media guru, will be our guest blogger over the next few weeks to help us out! 

Serena Checking Instagram

Each platform has pros and cons. In order to decide what is best, you have to first determind who your customer is and where they like to “hang out” online. You may personally like to hang out on TikTok all day, but that may not be your customer. So, you have to do a little research about your “ideal customer” in order to properly identify which marketing channels will bring you the highest return. 

In this series, I’ll discuss several of the key marketing platforms, what the best social media platforms for balloon busineses are and why. But first, I am a big fan of choosing ONE platform that you can dedicate time and attention to. Take the time to craft and execute a consistent posting plan or schedule and stick to it for several months before branching out to add another.  This alone will create less overwhelm and provide you with enough data to make an informed marketing decision, instead of one based on feelings. 

Today we are going to discuss INSTAGRAM for your business! 

Instagram is the most visually appealing social media platform around (at least for now!). For businesses that have a highly visual product, it is an amazing place for your to be able to showcase your work without the hassle of updating your website (more on my thoughts on that in a later post). That puts Instagram far ahead as one of the best social media latforms for balloon busineses. 

This is a popular platform among the “spending” age group – the people who have disposable and want to spend it! You’ll find the majority of users are between the ages of 18-44; this group makes up roughly half of all users. 

You really have to look at the grid as a portfolio – you want to share what you want to sell (as Joette always says!) and ensure that what you show reflects your best work.  When posting, you want to focus on two things: The overall aesthetic AND the content you’re sharing in the caption. 

Your stories and reels are where you can show off a bit more of the behind-the-scenes or slightly less polished content. 

I could talk about Instagram for HOURS, so this will actually be a 2-part Instagram post. Then I promise we will talk about TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

Whew, so many options and so little time. My hope for you is that this series will make it easier to decide where you want to focus your marketing and the best social media platforms for your balloon businesses.  

Let’s focus on your marketing efforts for the next 3 to 6 months. Once you have executed a consisten plan for at least that lon, you can add another platform. There is nothing wrong with slow and steady. Showing up is half the battle! 


If you aren’t a Balloon Boss Mastermind member, I highly recommend joining because I have and amazing webinar training available to members all about “Insta 101”. We get down to the nitty-gritty with tactical, hands-on training and quick, easy actionable to-dos.

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