Bookkeeping for Balloon Professionals Myth Busting!

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Myth Busting – Bookkeeping for Balloon Professionals

As my goal is to bring resources to the balloon professional to make our lives easier! In 2003 when I purchased my balloon business, I did so because I enjoy creating memories and delighting my customers with balloon designs! I did not really think about all the ins and outs of being a business owner…like bookkeeping, insurance, contracts etc.

I knew I wanted to be creative and have a career that I enjoyed and would also bring joy to others. However, all the other tasks associated with being a business owner seemed extremely tough to focus in on.

Technology has developed so much since I became a business owner.

The question is do you make use of what is available right at your finger tips on your computer and your phone?

Time for some MYTH BUSTING

Bookkeeping Truth

It’s one of the best tools you can use to build your business to serve your life!

To help you in doing that, I would like to introduce you to Brittany Whelchel, from Lakeland, Florida. Brittany is a Quickbooks online Advanced Trainer and Bookkeeper. I selected Brittany as our December 2017 Webinar guest, coming up on December 26th. As we talked I could tell she had a wealth of information and the passion to help out small business owners just like you and I. I asked if she would be willing to put on a FREE bonus class to give everyone an overview of bookkeeping to really understand the nuts and bolts prior to our Passport to Success webinar.

My Challenge to you is if Bookkeeping is an area you struggle in…MAKE TIME to watch this FREE GIFT! Yes, it is an hour and a half. Play it while you are driving to hear the content. Watch it at your computer if you really need training on how to use Quickbooks online. At the end Brittany shares ways she can help you as a virtual bookkeeper if you are in need of that service. They can help FIX what you have in place, or help you get started if you are wanting to maintain it on your own but just need some expert eyes to help you out!

This is our Christmas Gift to you! Click here for the recording of the free training!

If you would like to get Quickbooks online for just $30 a month – a $240 a year savings contact – Brittany (even if you already have it) email:

You can also email to get access to other online tutorials to help you out in your bookkeeping journey!

NOW for the exciting part of Knowing your Numbers!

They help you plan the future of your business head to and join us at any of our future meetings!

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Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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