Build your own 48 foot long balloon arch!

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Build your own 48 foot long balloon arch!

One of the # 1 questions I get asked is HOW do I build a sturdy balloon arch for outdoors and what is the biggest I can make it??

For years I have used a method that allows you to build a balloon arch up to 30 feet outdoors.

When Gary Ledbetter told me about his design to make a 48 foot balloon arch frame that is sturdy outdoors I was excited! By popular demand of balloon professionals around the world, asking Gary how he constructs the arch and wishing he would come teach in their area or country, he has created a download and will do a LIVE Online class on Tuesday June 13th 9 pm EDT. The Download needs a few finishing touches and will be ready for you to view on June 10th. It is on pre-sale NOW, and locks you in for a spot on the live class online for the 13th. Visit /48-foot-arch-frame/

No travel expenses, enjoy the class from the comfort of your home or office!!

The frame design can also be used for smaller arches also.

If you are unable to make the live class, you will still have access to the recording of the live class and Q & A session in (WITH download purchase) in your Balloon Coach member area 24 hours after the live class!

Gary taught me how to make his outdoor framed arch, and it has worked out wonderfully!

He is the most helpful guy, and this is a very economical arch, event with the cost of the download instructions. This is much lighter weight than the electrical pvc that I am use to using. You will kick yourself if you skip this download!

– 40 ft. arch created by Leah Scott, Cincy Balloons, Cincinnati, Ohio

As a balloon professional, 5 key things are important for your growth:

#1 Investing in your business

Question when you get your hair cut how would you feel if you walked into the salon or barber and they had a folding chair for you to sit in? As you sit down they say, I really love cutting hair, but I just don’t have the money for one of those pump up chairs yet. I have to wait to see if this hair cutting thing makes me money first before I buy one of those. I don’t know about you, but I would probably walk out and not have my hair done at that salon.

When someone starts a career as a hairdresser or barber they go to school for it, get a license, and purchase the supplies needed to get started.

If you are at a point in your business where you don’t want to be a hobby, and wish to be compensated for your work at an income producing level then investing in your business is key with training and equipment.

When I was preparing for my webinar with Mark Zettler and we were talking about investing in our businesses he is the one who shared the chair analogy, and it has stuck with me since the day he said it.

#2 Education

If you want to be a hairdresser or barber, you go to school to learn the trade and get a license or certification. In the balloon industry, there are several programs offered that allow you hands on learning to get a solid foundation.

Yes there are tons of YouTube Videos available to learn from and try things on your own. If you plan on balloons being a KEY income producer for you, investing in education online and in person is a way to learn from others who can help you with what works and what doesn’t. This allows you to get on the fast track to success! There is something special about looking a person eye to eye and working side by side with them to learn a technique. Find opportunities to go to in person for education, and make plans to attend. There is nothing more energizing than being in a room of like minded individuals working on a common goal and building relationships with other people in the industry.

#3 Practice

When you go to cosmetology school you have hours of practice before you get your license. In the balloon industry, order in some balloons and create the designs you wish to sell your clients. This allows you to see that your sizing is correct and that things look good! Photos of your own work help you build a portfolio, and creating the decor increases your confidence level in your skills.

#4 Ongoing Training

Attending classes, conventions, reading online blogs and articles about the industry and small business keeps you current and motivated to do the best for yourself and your clients. If you wish to have a dynamic growing company, never stop learning! I’m not just talking about focusing on how to make the latest trend in balloons. Take advantage of resources like Score and the Better Business Administrations in your area to learn more about the resources available to small business owners to be able to grow as a business.

# 5 Hard Work! When you choose to build a business it takes a lot of HARD WORK! Very rarely are businesses an overnight success. It takes consistent hard work focusing in on your business to reach your goals! If you would like some help setting up a plan for your business, check out my coaching page for one to one coaching to help you along the journey to success!

Thank you, Gary Ledbetter for giving us the opportunity to learn your technique via your download and online class. It’s exciting to see how the power of the internet is helping our industry grow by leaps and bounds!

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Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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