Creating Your Road Map to Success!

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Creating Your Road Map to Success!

When I purchased my balloon business in 2003, I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I enjoyed planning parties for friends and my church, and knew I wanted to make it my living. No business degree, no formal training in running a business, but I had a passion to create a strong Event Decor company. Working on my own to build my company, I felt lonely and unsure what to do. I reached out to the resources around me within the balloon industry and in the business community I live in, Lakeland, FL (population 97,000). Through I help others in Creating Your Road Map to Success!

If you are a person who loves working with balloons and wish to make it your full-time career, part-time income, or want to take your current business to the next level, I’d like to share some tips for your travels on the road to success.

When I plan a road trip for my family for summer vacation, the first thing I do is go to Mapquest to find the mileage to where I wish to travel and to find the most direct route. Why? I want to get there quickly and enjoy the destination we are visiting.

#1 Know what your Destination is!

I set a GOAL of how much money is needed to earn per year to replace my income as a social worker. My income helps take care of the family expenses, as my husband is a Teacher, and we need two incomes to keep our household running.

Some people are unsure of how much income they wish to create from the business or are unclear on the other purposes their business holds for them. Being clear on that from the start is key…If you don’t know where you are going…you are never going to get there!

#2 Ask for Directions!

Before GPS, cell phones, etc. my husband and I were driving from our internship in Indiana to his home in Illinois for me to meet his family. We had a good old fashioned paper map, but someone turned off at the wrong highway and things did not look familiar to him…I said lets stop at the next station and asked directions…He said, “no, we are ok”…finally, after an hour of going the wrong way, I got him to pull into a gas station promising I’d go in and ask for the directions. Glad I did as we were going the wrong direction and now had lost two hours we could have spent with his family. Don’t let pride get in your way. It’s OK to ask for directions. (and be prepared to INVEST in your business) In running a business, that means in your area going to the Small Business Administration. Within the balloon industry, attending workshops, classes and conventions to gain the skills needed. YES, you can learn on your own, however, you won’t be taking the most direct route and can easily waste time driving around in circles without creating the income you desire.

In business, I’m the same way. I want to GET to my Goal the quickest way possible. So, I look for road maps. I found mentors in our industry who run large volume businesses and found out what works best for them to create the income they desire. At the same time, I found mentors in my area who had successful Floral, DJ, and Event Planning companies and sought them for advice to grow in business.

#3 Fill up your Tank!

As you head out on your journey to success, you will need gas in your tank.

Fuel Yourself

  • Eat Right
  • Exercise
  • Get Sleep
  • Build a support system of other business owners in your community and in the industry to bounce ideas off of.
  • Subscribe to meaningful blogs, webinars, and podcasts for inspiration.
  • Attend training at least once a year. This does not have to be balloon specific, it can be a business retreat.

#4 Put in the Effort Daily!

This is your business, YOU have to put in the effort, make the road map, and then drive to a new stop on the route each day!

This may sound funny, but I have met a lot of business owners over the years that want the easy fix and think they can just post a FB page or website and their company will grow independently overnight. That is just not the case. YOU HAVE TO WORK! You have to step out of your comfort zone and do things you may have never done before. My company grew every year because I went out and met new people, learned new things to offer my clients and exceeded my clients expectations. Persistence and hard worked paid off!

#5 Positive Mental Attitude

The philosophy that having an optimistic disposition in every situation in one’s life attracts positive changes and increases achievement.

I am a firm believer in this. I have faced many obstacles over the last 13 years in the industry. I keep a Positive Mental Attitude, a smile on my face, and I keep moving forward! It has worked for me and many others!

Smile balloon big

No matter if you are NEW to the industry or are someone who has been in the industry for 30 years, you can always learn from others. Are you ready to Bridge the Gap, from where your business is now to where you want to be? David Mahoney, of Balloons Every Day, will be joining me in Orlando Nov. 13th and 14th for an intensive two day business building workshop. David’s company sold right under 1 Million dollars in 2016! He has proven systems in place that allow him to continually grow his company focusing on the fundamentals for Classic Decor and meeting his clients needs time and time again. Register now to end 2016 strong, and develop a plan to make 2017 your Best Year Yet!

Bridge The Gap To Success

Should I try out a Workshop?

Check out some reviews from the last workshop:

  • Joette put on an amazing workshop. Over the course of the week, we had some great discussions, lessons and most important of all, hands on learning! Every workshop is a little different and this one in-particular was AMAZING. It was nice to have a small group of professionals all working together and getting to know each other and to seeing the end result of our hard work is indescribable. I left Chicago with many new friends and some great tools to help grow my own business. Thank you Joette for providing our industry with all of these amazing resources!!!– Ally Roberts, Cooks Balloonery
  • Balloon Coach’s Parade, Promotions and Profits was a huge success, taught me valuable information, which I was able to immediately apply in my business and has allowed me to triple my asking price for wearable balloon costumes. I highly recommend these classes to anyone new or intermediate in the balloon industry. -Chad Johnson, ICBalloons
  • Parade Promotions & Profits was an amazing experience! Very rewarding with lots of hands on training. The instructors encouraged us to excel in our craft and reach for the stars!!! Life long relationships were built in the industry on both a professional and personal level. Walida Colon, A Royal Affair Events

I hope that today’s blog has given you some new insights, or sparked a reminder in things you have learned in the past. The KEY to Creating YOUR Road Map to Success lies inside of YOU!

  • Believe in yourself
  • Get training
  • Work daily towards your Success!

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