Enhancing Balloons with Lighting!

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

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Balloon Decor becomes even more exciting when you add in lighting elements in dark rooms!

Back to School is time for planning fall Homecoming dances! Most Homecomings are held in the school gym with dim lighting. You will want to check with the DJ on their lighting package, some of their lights may flood out the lights in your balloons. In the photo above I used Lite-A-Loons for the ceiling topiary’s in a Dark gym and the DJ used a special UV lighting system directed at the tall neon balloon centerpieces to create an awesome black light effect! The students and sponsor loved the glow from the balloons and when it came time to strike said they look forward to seeing what we create next year! (photos were taking with my phone so a little grainy…it looked amazing in person.)

Tips from Peggy Williams, Education Coordinator, burton and BURTON

Peggy has worked in the balloon industry for over 30 years. Starting with her company, Balloons @ the flower Basket, and then Good Times Event specialist, Peggy quickly realized the need for professional education in the industry. Peggy has traveled all over the United States Educating on smart balloon practices and creative designs. I always leave her classes with a smile on my face and an excitement to create wonderful balloon decor for increased profit!

Thank you Peggy for sharing your tips!

What are the top Tips when working with Lite-a-loons?

1. Make sure your event is going to be held in a DARK ROOM.

2. Turn the lights on before you inflate.

3. Methods to turn on:

Hold light in one hand, while pushing in on the button on top of balloon with the other hand.

Or use the end of a hand pump or ballpoint pen cap to help push down on the button while the balloon light is sitting on the table.

4. To add extra fun lighting effects you can attach a sparkle ribbon to the Lite-A-Loon as you see in photo below.

Lite-A-Loons by Burton and Burton with Sparkle ribbon.
Lite-A-Loon and Sparkle Ribbon design by Peggy Williams, photo by Burton and Burton

How long does the light in the Lite-A-Loon last?

20 hours on Bright

Can glow 2 to 3 days, however the light looses value over time.

How to make an air filled centerpiece with Lite-A-Loon?

Inflate a Lite-a-loon inside of a vase while using a hand pump and tie. You can put like-colored balloons into colored vases or an assortment of colors of balloons into a clear vase.

Lite-a-loons in vases from Burton and Burton
Lite-A-Loons in vases from burton and Burton, design by Peggy Williams Photo by burton and Burton

Key to using the Lite-a-loon with Ultra Hi Float and Helium.

1. MUST use Ultra Hi Float.

2. Use the 9 inch clip on the pump, only use 3/4 of a pump, using the 9 inch clip.

3. Rub all of the Utra Hi Float around and out of the ridge by the light.

4. Fully inflate the balloon to 11 inches with 100% helium.

FOR extra help Peggy has a video on burton and Burton website:

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Click on Creative Solutions and you will see a video of how to Hi Float a Lite -A-Loon.

Helium Lite-a-loons FLOAT 2015
Helium Lite-A-Loons FLOAT 2015

One of Peggy’s Favorite things to create for air-filled decor with Lite-A-Loons is to put them inside a clear linking balloon to create ceiling swags. Photo from FLOAT 2015, Burton and Burton sponsored the Opening Night karaoke party decor with Lite-A-Loons.

Ceiling Lite-a-loons FLOAT 2015
Ceiling Lite-a-loons FLOAT 2015

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