Facebook Etiquette for the Balloon Professional.

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

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BC F for facebook

Social Media is a really important part of marketing your business today.

One thing I have noticed is that many times Facebook pages have missing information, or missing Profile photos. Following is a link on 10 tips to consider when using building your social media presence on Facebook.

10 Facebook tips

As Balloon Professionals we follow a lot of other balloon professionals work through their Business and Personal pages. Check the tips below to be respectful of others businesses

If you have a question about a design or mechanics of a piece, send a Private message.

To be respectful Do not Post on another’s page:

  • How did you make the frame?
  • How much did you charge for that?
  • What size balloons did you use?
  • Is that a square pack arch or a garland?
  • Can you give me the recipe for that?

THINK about how you would feel if some one posted that on Your Page in front of your clients. A Business page is about your relationship with your client, and sometimes clients follow people on a personal page also. Be respectful and send those questions in a Private message.

DO’s for building content on your Facebook Page

  • Post photos of your work with creative descriptions like Garland Arch.
  • Create specials for your clients.
  • Post your own photos from past years to promote holiday specials etc.
  • Fill in all the details: Phone, email, website, location, description
  • Post a Cover photo
  • Post a profile photo
  • Keep it professional

Dont’s for building content on your Facebook Page

  • Post other peoples work on your facebook page
  • Use another companies photo and put your watermark on it
  • Flood your feed with shared photos
  • Leave contact information and description blank
  • Put personal views on business page

Check to make sure your Business Page is actually a Business page!

To create a business page, you start on your personal home page

click on arrow on top right of page – Create Page

Select Business Page

IF you have a business page that is actually a personal page – Facebook can shut you down.

FILL IN YOUR CONTENT!!! When I get a friend request and the profile photo is the stock one that comes when you start a page without any personalization I wonder if it’s a scam.

Our Wonderful Teachers from last week Tommy DeLorenzo, and Scott Hemphill built a large following from their clients via Social Media and facebook. Make time Weekly, if not Daily to Post photos and short remarks onto your Business Facebook Page!

Your Partner in Success!

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Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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