Get Answers to Your Balloong Boss Business Questions

Get Answers to Your Balloon Business Questions

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Get answers to your balloon business questions today! 

Do you spend hours on YouTube looking for the answers to your balloon business questions?
Frustrated that sometimes the video you think is going to answer your questions often do not?
One of the best “warm fuzzie” feelings I get as Balloon Coach is seeing a member’s face light up when they have access to the training they need to take the next step in their business! From a shopping list for making bases and frames, to the scripts of what to say to overcome price objections – we’ve put it all in one place for you. 
As a way to get you started, we offer a tour/training on our dashboard. I cannot count how many times I have heard new members of Balloon Boss Mastermind say, “I had no idea all this information was here! I just spent 5 hours looking for outdoor bases and now it’s all right here. Thank you!”
When they click on Editable Pricing Guide Training about how to use canva and the building blocks, I hear things like “Joette this is going to save me so much time and money. I was just about to buy some one page templates online,  but now I don’t have to buy them individually.” And this is just the tip of the iceberg! 
Balloon Coach Building Blocks

Combining all of the tools, webinar replays and guides in the dashboard with the amazing support of other balloon business professionals through our webinars and mastermind member facebook groups makes for a one stop shop. One new member said they had purchased other online trainings in the past, but did not get any interaction with the person providing the training.

They were surprised to hear I personally answer questions in our group coaching within 24-48 hours, plus provide 3 live sessions online a month that at the end of topic is open for ask anything Q & A as a bonus.

Quick Start Menu from Balloon Coach

There is no need to feel like you are on your business journey alone. Balloon Boss Mastermind includes the training, support and team of mentors I wish I would of had access to back in 2003 when I jumped into balloons as my career.

We have hosted mentors from around the world since 2015, sharing tips and tricks to running their balloon business and also save time and money.   We host guest speakers from accountants, customer management specialist, online marketing and more to help you access the support you need to grow you business.

Many times the solutions I offer to obstacles in business come from learning from many who have overcome the same situations and taken different approaches. This allows me to offer options and help you create an action plan that works best for your goals and situation.

Balloon Boss Mastermind members enjoy helping others succeed by sharing their experiences and collaborating. 

This photo shows the Mastermind Members who attended Balloon Boss Summit 2021 in Orlando for hands-on-training and to have small group discussions for business building.   

If you have more questions about our training programs email or schedule a 10 minute free consultation by clicking here.

I look forward to walking the journey of success with you!


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