Get the Most Float Time Out of Your Balloons Q & A with HIFLOAT – Andrea & Phillip Kash

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Get the Most Float Time Out of Your Balloons Q & A with HIFLOAT – Andrea & Phillip Kash

  For the last 30 years, balloons have been able to have an extended float time thanks to an amazing product called HIFLOAT! Ever wonder how HIFLOAT was founded? Or wonder how to use HIFLOAT to get the most float time out of your balloons – to give your customers an excellent experience?   Following are a great tips and tricks from Andrea and Phillip Kash. No mater if you have used this product since the day it was made, or are hearing about this product for the first time – you will learn from these helpful tips. Click here to enjoy the replay of the Balloon Coach, Joette Giardina, CBA interview with the CEO, President of HIFLOAT, Andrea Kash, and the Chief Operating Officer Phillip Kash full of a wealth of knowledge to help you extend the float time of your balloons.   Best Practices with HIFLOAT
  • For longest float time with the recommended amount of HIFLOAT,  stretch balloons before using the HIFLOAT.
  • Fully inflate balloons with air first to 11 inches (or size of balloon you are using)
  • Let the air out then put in the HIFLOAT, and fill with helium.
  • HIFLOAT starts increasing float time once it is dry. To dry the HIFLOAT keep it in a temperature controlled room with low humidity, which typically takes a couple hours.
  • Never Freeze HIFLOAT
  • HIFLOAT is effected by humidity in the air. The cooler and dryer the air the better the performance of HIFLOAT.
  • After the HIFLOAT is dry – if you transport to a location where it’s raining or humid the HIFLOAT can become wet again and be affected by the humidity, and decrease float time.
  TEST things out to see how they do best in your environment. I am a firm believer that we each should test out our balloons in our own environments so that we can tell our clients with confidence how long they should expect for a balloon to last. BEST way to run a test. Inflate 6 identical latex balloons (same color, same brand) that are:
  1. Filled with 100 percent helium
  2. Measured to be a full 11 inches
  3. Using the HIFLOAT clip for 11 inch balloons (unless you know that due to your altitude you must use less)
  4. Use a marker to write the Date and Time you inflated the balloons on the balloons to monitor your test.
  5. Take a Photo on Day One
  6. Take a Photo on Day 3
  7. Take a Photo on Day 5
  8. Take a photo on day 7 and measure the balloon
  9. On day 7 post your results with how long your HIFLOAT balloons lasted in  the facebook group Balloon Coach Community
  10. In your post state where you are from: City, State and Country and share your results.
  11. If you do not wish to post on FB you can email your findings to
  12. If your balloons are still floating – keep them up and touch base down the road to let us know how long they lasted!
  Other test you can do to make your helium tanks last longer Conduct a test with 60/40 and compare the results to the 100 % Helium     Looking forward to seeing your results!   For more tips visit their website   Other great resources include  

Jan Iiams double bubble

Confetti balloons –

Keith Burchette

Chris Adamo

Deco Bubbles with Confetti

  Thank you HIFLOAT for creating a product to extend the life of balloons and help our industry become more profitable.  

Your Partner in Success,

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