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How Social Media Post Can Affect Your Balloon Business Brand

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How Social Media Post Can Affect Your Balloon Business Brand

As we grow our businesses and our brand, we work hard for our clients to Know, Like and Trust us to be the best service provider. I believe the old saying, “think before you speak” in the world of social media can change to “think before I post”

I saw the Non-Hostile Communication Manifesto on a post the other day and I added a graphic to it and shared it below.

Read it over and think about how social media post can affect your balloon business brand, and if the things you post when read by a potential client builds good feeling for them to know, like and trust you and your company.

One of the trainings I have attended on sales had a phrase that stuck with me.

People will remember how you make them feel.

I think in the world of social media and emails, it is easy for many of us to just type away things we may never say if we were standing in front of someone. Or we would not post it if we realized how many people will potentially see those written words and make an instant judgement about us from seeing those words.

How many times do we forget to listen to what someone else is sharing, as we want our side to be heard louder?

As a business owner I’m not only representing myself when I post online, I’m representing my company. To take it a step further if I ever decide to go to work for someone else, my future employer is probably going to do a social media search on me.

A few weeks ago I was with someone who had posted they were looking to hire new staff and showed me how they would pull up each persons social media feed, and within a few minutes be able to decide if they would be a proper fit for their company (great tip to share with your kids!).

Some things to consider:

The Manifesto was originally written in Italian

[F.O. — translated from Annamaria Testa, Il manifesto della comunicazione non ostile. E altri fatti lì attorno (Internazionale, February 20th, 2017

Here is a blog I found on the subject –

More Career-intelligence How social media can negatively affect your career

Do you have a social media policy for yourself and your staff for you balloon business?

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