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You can create long lasting balloon centerpieces for the holidays Christmas with this simple recipe!

While creating centerpieces for a corporate Christmas party, it occurred to me how many times I have used this same type of piece as a marketing item. With so many winter holidays upon us, it’s the perfect season for your balloon business to give a gift to your current clients. Additionally, you can leave an unexpected gift for a client you are targeting to make a great first impression.

Based on the holiday’s that you or your clients observe, choose balloons with Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or no message at all – just a lovely design. Other times of the year I enjoy using a smiling face, thank you, or other sentiments. You can create these for any theme year-round!

The best thing about these long-lasting balloon centerpieces is they can honestly last for YEARS. This helps people to keep you in mind when they need defor cor.

Start by looking in your inventory to see what 9 inch foils you already have in stock, or check out your favorite distributors’ website stock. Screenshot of or take a photo of the images so that it’s on your phone while out shopping for containers.

You can purchase containers from several distributors, but if you don’t find what you are looking for local stores have great selections of mugs, boxes, vases, and tins during the Christmas season to select from. (Check out your local dollar stores too!).

If you don’t have a 9-inch foil, you can substitute an 11-inch latex underinflated or create flowers out of 5-inch or a twisted design.

Make sure to have a cute card to put with the piece. You can use a florist pick (or punch a hole and attach with ribbon) a note and your business card coming out of the arrangement when making it for a marketing piece. Place a sticker or business card taped to the bottom so down the road, they remember who you are.

If creating the items as a centerpiece for an event, having your label or card on the bottom is great when a client gives the centerpieces away as a gift at the end of the night. People will see your information on the bottom and free advertising! They may contact you in the future for your services.


  • 9-inch foil balloons
  • Cup and stick
  • Heat sealer
  • A mug, or container
  • Foam
  • Foil 9X9 Squares
  • Floral accents from wholesalers, Walmart, DollarTree, BigLots, etc.
  • Ribbon
  • Pick Machine

Get creative and add your own flair! Remember the variety of winter holidays that your clients may be celebrating!


The cost for lasting balloon centerpieces is based on how fancy of a container or floral picks and ribbon you choose. These easily can be completed with the supply cost of around $5 each; less if just using foil picks.As you create decor for your Holiday events, make a few extra and take them out to market your business and create new customers! This is an inexpensive way to get your name and business out there.


The end of Christmas is a great time to stock up on picks, accents, and ribbons to use in these designs next year and more long lasting balloon centerpieces! 


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