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How to Purchase a Balloon Van Without Going in Debt 

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If you have a balloon business, you may have wondered how to purchase a balloon van without going into debt. Today I am sharing some tips from Denise Seymour, Owner of My LIttle Balloon Co. in Modesto, California.    She started and grew her balloon business as her income as a Single Mom of 3. 

“I just want to share my van story and the reasons why I do things the way I do.
I’m a 65 year old lady that’s been doing balloons for almost 40 years, I probably do things differently than people who are younger. This week I bought another Ford van to add to my fleet.
1. Nothing runs like a Ford.
2. Pay cash. $3,200. One owner.
3. 2003 with 225,000 miles.
4. The extended cargo length is 12ft long and easily holds 10ft bars.
5. Annual registration – licensing fee runs about $200.
6. Commercial auto insurance runs about $75 a month.
7. I can comfortably fit a 25 ft arch and 6 – 5 ft columns with 6- 36” toppers for the columns.
8. The new vans are beautiful and fancy, but they don’t come with cassette player or a place to put your change when you go through the drive-through! Lol.
The cost is minimal to run this van. My other ones are passenger vans, which I like better because you have rear air conditioning and I just removed the seats. The seats can be reinstalled if you want to take all nine of your grandchildren to Disneyland!
I would just like to encourage you not to go into debt, with a large payment with expenses that sometimes aren’t thought about which include the annual licensing and the monthly payment. On top of the payment for an expensive van. I took it straight to a commercial auto detailer and had it cleaned inside and out so it’s nice and fresh like a brand new car. Sure, I need to replace two hubcaps.
Balloon Delivery Van

Thank you Denise for sharing your money saving tip.  In a world where our social media feed is often filled with seeing bright new shiny expensive vans being purchased from other Balloon Companies, this gives balloon designers another option to keep from going into debt. 

Balloon delivery van loaded with balloons

A few other TIPS as you look at purchasing a vehicle for your balloon business:

*Study up on the Insurance cost.   Commercial insurance will add to your overhead expenses for your balloon business.  The more expensive the vehicle typically the higher the rate.   
*Who will be driving your company van?   Find out from your insurance if you need to list all drivers for them to be covered if there is an accident.   How old to they have to be?  Do they run the driving record or do you need to do that from a separate source. 

When you expand your business and have drivers, things you will want to ask is do they have an active drivers license?   You might be surprised to find out they have charges for DUI or reckless driving etc.

When you purchase a Balloon Van or truck please share in one of the Balloon Coach Facebook groups we want to celebrate with you! 

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