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Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

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Increase your confidence as a balloon business owner. Hi, I’m Joette Giardina, CBA aka Balloon Coach.  I have been earning my income full time from the balloon industry since 2003. Over the years I have investested tens of thousands of dollars on training and travel expenses to increase my skills and increase my confidence as a Balloon Business Owner.  I now have the pleasure of walking side by side with my friends and coaching clients in the balloon industry to support them as they grow their Thriving Balloon Business. The thing that gives me the most pleasure is when the Alumni from my training programs share their success stories. Today I would like you to meet Sheetal Kurup,  Events by Sheetal, Millburn, New Jersey. Written June 15, 2020 in Balloon Coach Community facebook group.

Sheetals Yard designs

I want to share some great and exciting news. I just hit $40,088.50 in sales yesterday. It took me a year last year to make that much and now in just 2 months and 15 days I have made this much money. Here is my story and hope this inspires you.

Sheetal and her Family I am a wedding and event planner, event designer ( fabric draping) and also a balloon professional. When the pandemic started and events were cancelled, I had nothing to do but to stay home , read books , finish my courses which I had paid for from other fields. For 15 days I did just that..but when I reached the module on Marketing in one of the courses, things just drastically changed for me.

I had a biggest mindset shift while doing the course specially the marketing module. Initially I didn’t like marketing at all and felt it to be icky, salesly . simply put I was not comfortable marketing about my services. But while I was on Marketing module of the Course and when I heard in the course that you are doing a great disservice to people if you don’t let them know about your talent and skills and how you can help them, thereby making a greater impact and change in their lives. When I heard this, something dramatically changed inside in me. I started thinking how can I help people right now in this pandemic with the current skills I have. Suddenly I realized YES, I can help people by providing balloons to their yard…I had been displaying balloons in my yards as part of the One Millions Bubbles project to cheer people in my community when the pandemic started so why not sell my services and provide balloons to people’s yard so they can have something colorful to look outside their window there by bringing them happiness and joy. At the Same time I had just stumbled on the yard art group on FB . I put the two together marketing mindset shift and Yard art balloons and took massive action . I immediately let people know that as a balloon artist I can help them in this pandemic.  I started advertising in FB groups , towns mom groups about how I can help provide yard balloons to families to help with birthdays, anniversaries, graduations Mother’s Day , father da , engagement etc . Everyone is stuck at home and no events are happening.  So by providing no contact yard balloons I can bring joy to families and their loved ones. I started advertising March end and from April 1st I have been flooded with orders. My business has just taken off..and I have been crazy busy with orders ever since .I have had total of 233 orders so far for yard balloons and more orders are coming in . The biggest shift in my sales number came when I spoke to Joette after having crossed $8000 sales the first few weeks of April and she told me to raise my prices to make more money without getting burnt out.

Joette & Sheetal at Promotions & Profits Orlando 2019

I did exactly that , Joette gave me the confidence that it was okay to raise my prices .. I followed her advice the Same night we were chatting … raised my prices and people are still booking me at my higher prices. I recently did a webinar in May with Joette and Sara and shared some of my story, my yard pictures and pricing. Do check it out when u get a chance. Attaching few recent pictures of my yard decor . Enjoy

Thank you Sheetal for sharing your journey with us! Do you feel inspired?

Sheetal at Parade Promotions & Profits Orlando 2017

Do you feel a bit more confident that YOU TOO can make your dreams in the Balloon Industry Reality? Here are  ways you can Increase your confidence as your grow your balloon business, like Sheetal Increased her confidence:
  • Invest in your training and attend a hands on program with Balloon Coach to increase your skills and knowledge.
  • Grow your professional network and surround yourself with like minded business owners
  • Practice your balloon designs and Sell what you Share
  • Read books on business development
  • Participate in Online learning and take action on tips from mentors in the industry
  • Sheetal shared more of her story and details about the price point she charges and the steps she took to increase her sales during social distancing.
You can get immediate access to online learning and register for in person training at Balloon Boss Pro Summit is held annually in Orlando allowing you to build balloon decor and meet with mentors in the industry in a unique small group learning workshop. Looking for one to one hands on learning experience outside of November, custom sessions held in Lakeland, Florida  email Balloon Coach,   [email protected] to set up a time a program based on your needs. Take one step forward today your future self will thank you for. Your Partner in Success, Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor.  Motivator.  Speaker. Join Balloon Boss Mastermind

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