Neon Party Tips

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Neon Party Tips

When you have a neon themed event the way to make it amazing is by using professional neon balloons and adding professional UV lighting. As a balloon decor company, informing your client from the start that the NEON balloons do not just GLOW on their own is really important. Here is a video you can use to show them the neon balloon with regular lighting in a ballroom, and then turning off the overhead lights and turning on the UV lighting. For the decor in this video I rented lights from a local DJ/Lighting company. Click here for Video

If you are asked to do neon parties often you may wish to invest in the lights yourself and rent them directly. UV floods and cannons give off the most light.

I have had clients in the past tell me they went to a box store and bought the black light bulbs and would be putting them in each light in the banquet room. I told them in advance that that would not work and if they returned the light bulbs and put the money towards professional lighting they would be thrilled with the result. They did not listen and the lighting they went to so much time and trouble to put up did not work. I use that example often with my clients now so they can learn from that situation and make their choice based on the effect they really want to achieve.


Room with the regular room lights on – fun neon balloons by Betallatex…the WOW happens when the lights go off!

Bead curtain created with pipe and drape supports (you can also make out of EMT conduit and balloon base plates).

12 Inch Betallatex Link o loons, with 660 accents on the top.

2017 made out of 660’s and 5 inch neons, attached to the airwall with the new Mini Clik-Clik Magnets! (Not all air walls are magnetic you will want to check before offering to your client).


Professional UV lighting, room lights off


Create a Wow when you guest walk through a larger than life balloon bead curtain entrance out of neon balloons!


This hotel ballroom had 22 ft ceilings, was 35 ft wide and 55 ft deep. We used 2 UV Flood Lights, 2 UV Cannons and 2 UV bar lights to focus light on the entrance, 2017 and then cover the ceiling decor. All the lights were on the ground and aimed up, as I did not want to have to transport the extra light stands. When you work with a professional lighting company or DJ, they often have their UV Floods and Light Bars up on stands and you MIGHT be able to get away with few lights. The KEY is to let the lighting company or DJ know what was used in this photo and that the GLOW factor is really important for your event.

The other option is to purchase your own UV lighting to rent to your clients as part of your decor packages.

ADJ is the brand of light used in the photos above, the UV FLOODs are great, along with the Eco UV Bar lights.

Another brand of lighting you can purchase on amazon is

OPPSK UV LED Bar with 9LEDx3W Black Light, Metallic Black

Fill the ceiling with “giant glow stick garland” using 660’s with 5 inch quads between them to bring your ceiling to life!

Chandeliers made out of 660’s, Link o loons, 5 inch and the clear polk a dot neon.

Centerpieces created with 5 inch, 5 packs and a White polk a dot neon, under inflated to not be too big on the table.

Lot’s of events love NEON themes including:

Sweet 16, Homecoming, Prom, Class Reunions, Corporate Parties, Flash back events. Grab some balloons and UV lighting to create dynamic effects for your clients!

THANK YOU to the team of Balloon Professionals that created the Neon Decor in Orlando at the Bridge the Gap to Success Workshop. The “reveal” happened during lunch on our first day of classes! Thank you Betallatex for sponsoring the balloons.

Balloons installed to the ceiling using large ring Clik Magnets and the 23 ft tall Lime Monster Pole, and Mag Mover from Clik -Clik.

If you are reading this and NOT a professional balloon decorator email to find a local decorator in your area.

Hope you enjoy these Neon Party Tips, I look forward to seeing your photos of decor. #ballooncoachjoette when you post..I’d love to see your work!

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