New balloons for 2016, Show them and Sell them!

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New balloons for 2016! Show them and Sell them! I came across this video from Spring Market in the UK as Greg from Balloon Market, takes us on a tour of the different vendor booths. This is such a great way to experience the new designs, hope you enjoy!

In the balloon business there are tons of new products being created, it’s exciting and fun to see what’s new and ready for us to put to work to create great events for our clients and increase the profit for your pocket!

Knowing what is available is one of the KEYS to growth as you can make suggestions for clients who want something new and exciting. It’s also easy to get distracted and spend a TON of time on the internet looking at new Ideas and researching.

Tips when doing your Research!

#1 Set a timer, you can search for days to find the perfect photo or idea, set your timer on your phone from the start so you can move onto the next task at hand!

#2 Get Organized with your IDEAS file.

When I’m online and I see something I love I save the image under what the item is. Flower Arch, Spiral Column, 16th Birthday etc. I encourage you to come up with a filing system on your computer so you can easily find photos of Your Own Work….and the Inspiration ideas from others to share with your clients.

(NOTE….Do Not Post Others photos on your website, facebook or any other way as your OWN…that is copyright infringement! When ever you share someone elses work you need to post the name of the company -even if the photo does not have a watermark on it.0

BE HONEST with your clients …showing that the idea was from someone else in the industry….Why is this important?

When you show your own work on your website it lets customers know what to expect when they higher you. If you use other peoples photos on your website that are amazing…and then when you do your event for them and the sculpture does not look the same – they will not be happy, and they will not be a repeat client.

It’s deceptive, to Post others work on your site and not credit them…and again copyright infringement.

You want to use words like, I will create a design inspired by this photo, that way your client will not expect a direct copy, and if you do not have the skills to create what is in the photo you have not set yourself up for failure.

# 3 If your clients can See it…you will Sell it! Our industry is so visual, people want to see what they are buying, the time you put into a system to easily find photos to share with your clients increases your productivity when creating proposals, a photo is worth a thousand words!

#4 Show it and Sell it! As you see a new design or product you like, buy it, create with it and if you have a store front display it. If you are home based write a blog about the new product showing your design to promote on your website, and social media. When you work from home, your online presence is your store front…so it needs to have updates regularly…show action. People want to do business with someone who is creating and sharing new content.

When you have a store, sometimes you are so busy with day to day operations you don’t make time to update your online presence. Set a day and time of the week that you will do a new blog, put out a post to social media etc. The internet brings you new clients, when you are active in posting new content.

#5 Continue to Build your Business and invest in your education!

Set your education fund and get to classes, conventions and online training. Seeing products in person, networking with other balloon professionals and learning from those who have gone through the same struggles you face is KEY to expanded income!

I’m excited to be attending Anagram Day at burton + BURTON Thursday, February 25th, to learn from Chris Horne, and Eddie Heyland. To see other upcoming events visit and check out our Upcoming Events, Partners, classes etc!

Did you know that host Monthly Guest Speaker Webinars for anyone in the world to learn how to grow a strong balloon business from the comfort of your home or office? With Pay now, replay later function you don’t ever miss a class! Next class Tuesday, Feb 23 STEP up your Business with Dianna Glandon I’m really looking forward to this class, as I have visited Dianna’s business Above the rest event designs several times in Knoxville TN, and love how organized she is and the training’s and systems she has put in place to be efficient and produce amazing events!

Other online resources for products

Anagram Online catalogs

Betallic Website with new products

Qualatex Online catalogs

2016 is going to be a wonderful year for the Balloon Industry! Lot’s of exciting growth going on! Balloons are on TV and commercials more, social media loves balloons, so glad you are a part of this wonderful industry at an exciting time! Let’s make the most of every day!

Your Partner in Success,

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