This is what overwhelm looks like

Overwhelmed by your balloon business?

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Overwhelmed by your balloon business?

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If you feel the sense that you have too much to accomplish in one day, unsure how to do all the task a business owner needs to maintain and grow a business, YOU are not alone! I’ve been there! I found that I LOVE transforming spaces for my clients, seeing their joy when I exceed their expectations for decor. On the other hand all the details of running a business, making sure there is enough money in the bank to pay the bills while growing and expanding can be stressful and overwhelming!

Here are the 4 keys that helped me, move past that feeling.

#1 Ask for Help! GAIN NEW KNOWLEDGE!

I know, this is not something that everyone feels good doing, many feel we need to “figure it out on our own” and do not want to appear weak. Being a business owner is complex. Most people in the balloon industry do not have business degrees or retail experience so reaching out for the RIGHT HELP is KEY!

Where can you find help/resources?

  • Chamber of Commerce in your area
  • Small Business Administration
  • Professional Business Associations
  • Attending classes conventions and workshops in the industry to build a strong network
  • USE the free and Paid resources on to learn from others from the comfort of your home with ezine and webinars.

#2 Write a Plan


  • Where do you what to be in 1, 5, 10 years
  • How are you going to get there
  • Get help in writing a realistic plan

#3 Build a Support System

Many times family and friends do not understand your drive for being an entrepreneur (unless you have surrounded yourself by entrepreneurs!)

I built my support system by:

  • Informing my family how important it was for my business to grow and that I would like their help.
  • Joining the Chamber
  • Attending Networking events
  • Joining ABWA American Business Women’s Association
  • Attending EVERY class and convention that I could get to (Balloon Camp, BalloonTown, FLOAT, Ballooniversity, WBC)


From attending conventions, I found people who were Like Minded…looking to Grow their business Stronger and bigger and I talk with them on a regular basis. Having that team of people who “understand what I’m going through” and can provide insight and support is so key to me not giving up and continuing to move forward.


  • JUST DO SOMETHING! If you do nothing but ponder what should I do you will not grow!
  • Pick up the phone, make cold calls
  • Get out and meet other vendors that you want to work with
  • Go introduce yourself to the companies you want to work for

READY to jump in and accomplish all 4 steps listed above before the end of the YEAR???

YOU are Invited to join me in Orlando Florida!

I am really excited that in just a few weeks I will be in Orlando putting on a intensive 2 day workshop that has never been done for our industry that I’m aware of. AND YOU can be a part of the FIRST Bridge the Gap to Success Sunday November 13th I will be leading a full day workshop on Creating or Updating your Business Plan, Marketing, Pitfalls to watch out for as you grow and Tips for New Year’s eve to help you quickly create the income from your investment of attending the workshop. On Day 2, Nov 14th David Mahoney will be presenting his Full day class on Framework, Overlay Technique, Closing the Sale, processes for working with Staff to grow your business.

Monday night will be hands on bonus session, I have balloons from Betallic and Qualatex for you to be creative, practice what you learned and then take photos to share with your clients to sell. Feel confident creating the frames you learned from David, we will have foot benders and Tube Rollers for you to work with.

Lunch both days and Dinner on Monday are a part of your registration. This makes the most of your investment giving you time to Talk with, network and meet amazing Balloon Professionals from Coast to Coast, a few names you may recognize that will be there you can network with:

Gary Ledbetter, Montgomery, Alambama. Announced at the end of the webinar he taught last week that he will be attend the workshop in Orlando to meet David Mahoney, “even when I attend a class on things I already know I always learn something new.”

Tommy and Scott DeLorenzo from Balloons by Tommy, Chicago will be attending the workshop…I asked them to share why they are attending.

Scott, “As our business expands, I want to learn about hiring and managing staff

Tommy, “There will be a lot of good information, and I need a vacation from our business schedule

You can come early, or stay after and enjoy the attractions of Orlando. Our hotel is just a mile away from Disney!

Bobbie McAvoy from Ware Massachusetts

“I have been in this industry for almost 30 years now. We didn’t even have internet then. I went to my first Valentine seminar in Boston, it lasted just 4 hours but I was hooked. The best 2 things I have learned over the years is to invest in the industry education and is to practice, practice and practice some more. Balloon Coach is offering us many ways to invest in our business by offering webinars and workshops. My husband is planning to join the business full time so we can take it to the next level. We heard Joette and Dave Mahoney were both teaching business & framing it was NOT TO BE MISSED to take our business to that next level. We are super excited to go to this workshop and now Gary, Scott & Tommy are coming to learn with us, it’s a bonus!!! Thank you Joette for giving us all this opportunity to learn!!”

I feel strongly that Bridge the Gap to Success is going to be a big game changer for those who attend the workshop and PUT IN ACTION the things we will be covering. David Mahoney runs a very Busy company, “Balloons Everyday”. The systems he has created and tips he is sharing from his success and failures, saves you time and money!



If you are unable to be with us in Orlando…follow the 4 steps above, check out the other resources on, and Take YOUR business to the Next Level!

For more support and ongoing training go to

Your Partner in Success,

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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