Packing List for FLOAT Balloon Convention 2020!

  FLOAT 2020 is right around the corner! I believe firmly in the quote – if you are not growing, you’re dying.   That is one of the reasons that I have been attending balloon industry and business training since I started in the balloon industry full time in 2003.  We are so blessed to be a part of an industry where people are giving, positive, and energetic to be around.  Going to a convention with over 500 balloon professionals is an uplifting experience. FLOAT is my favorite balloon convention! (You may be thinking but Joette, don’t you put on a convention that should be your favorite?)  I produce a Business Building Workshop limited to 96 attendees in Orlando every year in November. It is NOT a convention, although some refer to it as one.   I have the utmost respect for the convention that Steve and his amazing team put on as it has 5 times the amount of people that I host in Orlando and is a different learning opportunity from what I host. I met the founding producer of FLOAT, Steven Jones, at a large group build he hosted prior to creating FLOAT called Balloon Town in Ohio. The experience was full of learning new things and meeting wonderful people whose work I had seen online on Balloonhq (the place we used to go for online connections before Facebook was created…YES to those of you who are much younger than I…there was a time Facebook did not exist!)   I can’t wait to spend a week with my FLOAT family many of which are some of my best friends and support system, and met at FLOAT or other conventions. I missed the first FLOAT in 2008 due to a schedule conflict, but have been to every FLOAT since! From participant to competitor to instructor, and 2020 will be my fourth year as a sponsor for FLOAT! Come by the booth in the vendor showcase, on Monday and Tuesday from 11:30 am to 6 pm. I’d love to meet you in person and give you a small gift if you tell me you read this blog! KEY Times to be in the Vendor Showcase are during the Raffle Drawings at 12:15 and 5:15 pm on Monday and Tuesday! A couple of the things that I enjoy about FLOAT are: CLICK HERE to view the Class Descriptions and see the schedule for FLOAT to plan the classes you want to attend Packing and Prep List for FLOAT   TIPS While at Convention   Make friends with someone who has a car or split taxi or Uber cost and run to a store to grab snacks and food for your room to reduce food cost. The host hotel has a small fridge in each room Volunteer to work on the hands on builds, teacher prep, or competition teams to learn new techniques and make new friends. NO EXPERIENCE needed to help with group builds -just find out where they are going on at and jump in and help! Be proud to say “Hey, I helped make that and I know with confidence I can recreate it for my client” When meeting new people that you do not want to forget take a photo of them with their name tag up by their face. This way when you return home and your memory is mush from meeting hundreds of new people, you will easily be able to reference back to who is who! 2014-03-28 21.13.42 2014-03-28 21.13.47   Brenda Eng and Pearlyn Tam from Singapore After meeting at WBC they then came back to the USA for FLOAT 2014, and then WBC 2016, I enjoy spending time with people from around the world that share my passion for the Balloon Industry! Lots of fun memories are about to be created!           Tips to  Selecting the classes that will give you the Most Return on your Investment I love to pick the majority of my classes in a fashion that will lead me to more INCOME and Growth. so that I can make the most from my investment when I return home. Questions to ask yourself: Eat meals with different people. It’s great to see old friends, but make some new ones too!  You can order takeout and have a group picnic up in your room to not have to go out in the cold! The front desk of the hotel can give you a list of places that deliver to the hotel. IF you are not an outgoing person,and have a hard time meeting new people, relax and say hello! Send me a PM on Facebook Joette Meyers Giardina and I’ll be glad to introduce you to people!  Let’s get a selfie together!  I stay so busy at most conventions I sometimes forget to take photos – would love to have a photo with you in my Booth on Monday or Tuesday – or in the hall if we miss each other during the vendor fair. Networking is one of the main reasons I attend conventions. YES I want to learn from the classes. But the friendships I have made over the years from conventions have been my support system to grow my company and lead to many wonderful travels.   My room-mate and best friend Blenda Berrier and I met thanks to FLOAT.   *** Remember, lots of business cards!*** Show your support for the event you are attending.   I look forward to spending time with you in 2020 at FLOAT!   Your Partner in Success,           Joette Giardina, CBA Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. Join Balloon Boss Mastermind for Ongoing Support and Training Next live webinar January 21st, 9 pm EST Chris Adamo

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