Hot Air Balloon PDF


PDF download for you to print instructions to create the Hot Air Balloon Pictured out of Linking Balloons




I sold this sculpture to a Non Profit at a discount for a Photo Opp for $1,000 plus delivery.  The minimal fee for the instructions can turn into a nice profit! These instructions can be adapted to make the sculpture larger or smaller following the same steps, just reducing the number of balloons in the ring or size of balloons.

We inflated the balloons, moved in, talked with the client, set up, and moved out with 20 man-hours of work. Since you have step by step instructions it may go quicker for you – I encourage you to base your pricing on that estimate of time. If you do not have hi-speed inflation equipment it may take longer with sizing. Supplies ran right around $200 since I had the uprights, base plates, and white fabric to put under the clouds already in stock.