Site Visit Challenge!

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

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Site Visit Challenge!








While on a site visit with a local venue I did a Facebook Live. If you would like to see the video:

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I started my full time career in balloons in 2003. Over the years as my business grew one of the questions I would get from other balloon professionals is, “how did you grow your client base?”




Yep, that is 2 Keys to success.


If you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone and do things that may scare you a bit you are NOT going to Grow as much as the guy who is willing to go for it!


Thus my Site Visit Challenge to you!


Next week Go out and meet at least 1 new venue you have not been to, or have not talked to the sales manager yet.

Do this each week for a year and you will have 52 venues you are familiar with and with proper follow up great referral sources!

What do I mean by site visit?

Research the venues in your local area that hold the type of events that you wish to decorate for.

Contact the venue and schedule a meeting for a site visit.

Some may ask, why do I have to go in person, can’t I just send an email?



Venues are going to refer business to people they Know, Like and Trust.

To build a true relationship you need to meet someone face to face, shake their hand, smile, take interest in them.

So when you go on the visit it’s not about a Sales Pitch of Buy my Balloons.


While on the Site Visit

  • Find out how many people they can have at their venue for a sit down dinner with a dance floor.
  • Do they have a variety of spaces available.
  • Who would your client contact to book the space.
  • Then share how you can make the space look amazing.
  • Find out the types of events they typically host.
  • Take Photos, so that when a client calls you to decorate the space you can easily refer to that venue file of photos to make the best suggestions.
  • Show them some of your work, and find out how you go about being on their preferred vendor list.


Some places you need to of done work at the venue prior to getting on their list. Each venue has different procedures.


NOW you leave this site visit with KNOWLEDGE you can share with your clients when they call stating they are looking for a venue. You can share with them the venues in your area you are familiar with and that you know something about to be able to suggest the perfect decor.


It is not always about the immediate sale. More times than not it’s about building relationships that grow over the years, to grow your referral base and grow your business!


Would love to hear about your experiences in going out into your community! If you are not a member yet of our Facebook community join us at

You will be asked 3 questions and then we can approve you for the group.


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Your Partner in Success,






Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.



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