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Fall In love with Systems!
Fall In love with Systems!

Step up Your Business in 2016! January started with a breath of fresh air, with new goals and dreams for your life and business for 2016. How are things going? Last week on the news they reported Tuesday was the day that most people would stop going the the gym…those people who signed up on January 1st with a resolution to get fit, let life’s distractions get in the way and 70 % quit going to the gym again until Jan 2017! Man I was glad our family is still on course and going to the gym!

Then I got really excited as I realized I’m checking things off my list for my Goals for for 2016! I’m delighted that I have not let distractions get in my way of moving forward with my dreams to create new resources for the Balloon Industry, and provide support to individual business to Take Your Business to New Heights!

HOW are things going for YOU???

No matter if you are new to the balloon industry or have been around over 30 years, to keep growing, to meet sales goals you need to take ACTION daily.

Are your sales numbers where you want them?

Do you know your sales numbers?

Often in our industry we are so busy doing day to day operations, we don’t make the time to look at our numbers and know what is really going on.

It’s time to do a business check. Review the goals you wrote for yourself in January and see what needs to be on the top of your list for February and March.

Are you investing in your business growth and education?

If you are unsure what you should be looking at, or what to do next to get new clients that’s what coaching is all about.

Coaching services include:

Review of your website and Social media to see if you are on target for attracting the right clients.

Branding Review – does your logo say what you want it to say about your business

Sales conversation – what do you say when you are face to face with a client to close the sale.

Support and encouragement, many times it just takes that extra support to keep moving forward.

Road map…you know where you want to go, but not sure the best path, I’ll be glad to help you set the journey.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of educational opportunities! LEARN from Others!

One way to educate yourself from the comfort of your home, is to join in live (or Pay Now, Replay later…our live Monthly Guest Webinars!)

I’m excited about our February Speaker, as Dianna Glandon has served as a friend and mentor for almost 10 years. She and I met in Las Vegas at Balloon Camp! Networking at Conventions is amazing, building a team of friends in the industry to support you during your journey. If I did not step out on Faith and invest in my training from the start in this industry, I know I would not of lasted this long in the industry.

I have had the pleasure of visiting Dianna’s business, Above the Reset Event Designs several times over the years, I love her Check list, systems and the way she works with and trains her staff. No matter if you are a one person operation or run a large crew the the steps she will share to create systems and training for your business will increase your Efficiency and Productivity which leads to opportunities of Increased Income!

Due to the systems that Dianna has put in place, she was able to Enjoy her daughters wedding in a location with NO cell phone service, no internet, while her trained team in Knoxville took care of clients! Dianna also enjoys family trips knowing her business can continue to run while she is out of town! Now I know for some of you who are a one person business this may sound like something far, far away for you. With the proper training and systems you can have the same freedoms! I will never forget going to FLOAT and WBC, and typing lots of text communications with my part time assistants back in FL running events for me while I was out of town. The first time I thought WHAT on earth was I thinking…but then I saw the pictures and email from my delighted client and I realized how FREEING it was to know that my company could continue to service clients while I was gaining much needed training to Grow my Business!

Dianna and her husband Kelly at their daughters wedding Oct 2015.
Dianna and her husband Kelly at their daughters wedding Oct 2015.
Dianna enjoying the slopes of Utah while her business was still running in TN!
Dianna enjoying the slopes of Utah while her business was still running in TN!
Beautiful foil chandeliers by Above the Rest Event Designs
Beautiful foil chandeliers by Above the Rest Event Designs

Join us Tuesday, February 23rd 9 pm EST

S.T.E.P. up Your Business

(Developing Systems, Training, Effciency & Productivity)

Dianna Glandon, CBA

Above the Rest Event Designs

TRAVEL to Conventions and Classes — PS are you on Periscope Yet????

Click here to see some of the upcoming opportunities

On our January Webinar Blenda Berrier encouraged attendees to put the Periscope app on your phone, or tablet follow @ballooncoach. One of the cool things about Periscope is while you stream something live, those watching can type comments in real time and ask questions to be a part of the conversation.

In the wonderful world of technology we live in, for those not attending Twist & Shout in Dallas this week…Eddie Heyland., “King of Latex” is going to be on Periscope to share some fun clips from the Jam room! Download your app, then follow Eddie Heyland.

Want to see how Periscope works?

Join Joette Giardina – @ballooncoach Tuesday, Feb 16th 8 pm EST to discuss Upcoming Conventions and classes…if it is your first time going to WBC and you have questions about what to pack, what to expect Join us. If you have been to conventions and want to share your tips…join us! If you have great tips on what those of us Sight seeing should go to while in New Orleans for the First time join in on the conversation! How to earn the money to go to classes and conventions. How to pick the best one for your business. Look forward to chatting with you on Periscope Tuesday Feb 16th 8 pm EST!

tips on Periscope from online article

Your Partner in Success,

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Take Your Business to New Heights!

Invest in your Business Attend training!
Invest in your Business Attend training!

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