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Strive for Progress Not Perfection

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Strive for Progress Not Perfection

What is the first thing that came to mind when you read those words?

Did you think, “I am always going for perfection”

Or did you think, “I take action and don’t worry if things are not perfect”

As the owner of a business it is really easy to get in a rut, and not produce new options for our clients, or try new marketing as we wait to be perfect.

Perfection is often used as an excuse, masking our fear of reaching out to a new market or creating a new service.


One of your balloon business goals – Write One Social Media Post a Day on Facebook

Perfection Blocks:

  • I’m not a good writer
  • I don’t have a recent event photo to post
  • I don’t think the balloon design is good enough to post
  • No one is going to read it anyway
  • I’m not creative
  • I don’t have many followers on social media
  • and the list goes on and on

I choose to strive for Progress!

When I look at my business as something that evolves over time and is always getting better, I don’t get stuck in the perfection rut and instead keep moving forward.

Putting out a Blog NOW on the schedule that I set is moving forward – I can always go back and make updates and improvements later.

Posting a photo on social media with a call to action to call our office, or fill out the contact form now has a chance to catch a perspective customers eye rather than not creating a post.

I encourage you over the next week to look at the things that you may of been putting off completing or going after while you wait for perfection.

Take bold action today and make Progress!

I’d like to share a bit of a personal journey with you on this concept and why it really spoke to me as a subject to share with you.

It is easy to get caught in the trap of not doing something…waiting on perfection. I am so thankful that back in 2014 a dear friend, Pat Crosland asked me an important question of WHEN. She knew my dreams of starting a training program with an online platform to share the resources I wish were available back in 2003 when I started my full time journey in balloons.

I had doubts and concerns about if what I was building would be perfect to fit the needs of others, Pat encouraged me to set a deadline and go for it! Balloon Coach was started in January of 2015! It took time to build out my online platform, we launched my first webinar program in September of 2015 with David Mahoney of Balloons Everyday as our first speaker.

When I hear the testimonies from clients around the world how the webinars and training they have received from programs have giving them guidance and support for success, I understand more than ever the importance to Strive for Progress and not Perfection.

What have YOU been holding back from doing…waiting for Perfection?

In September 2018 I launched Balloon Boss Mastermind group coaching program n celebration of 3 years of webinars.

I have been blessed by learning so much from the guest speakers in our webinar program that have shared their tips and hints, successes and failures to allow you the opportunity to grow quicker and more efficiently by learning all the things that I wish I would of known in 2003.

If I had waited on Perfection to get started NONE of these resources would be here to support you in your journey!

Do you ever feel alone on your balloon business journey?

Spend hours, days or months looking for an answer on how to do something for your business and would love to find out that info quickly?

Check out Balloon Boss Mastermind

And see why many of our members say “it’s the best investment I have made in my balloon business”

In Balloon Boss Mastermind I share a 9 week Schedule to success program for marketing your business, what I did to grow a home based business to $150,000 a year in sales.

And insights now from my role as the Marketing Manager, and trainer at Party People Events as our team did over $600,000 in sales in 2018.    Growing a team can be scary, and is not easy but it allows for you to have time with your family and to enjoy life knowing your team is taking care of your clients.

What ever your DREAMS are, I look forward to supporting you as you create a Thriving Balloon Business!

Take 5 minutes and write down your goals for your business.

Click here for a blog and free webinar to help you with goal setting.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey in the wonderful world of balloons!

Go take action for PROGRESS not perfection!

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Create a Thriving Balloon Business

Balloon Boss Mastermind

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