Taking Action to Grow your Business!

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Taking Action to Grow Your Business!

Unity and Bird Carolyn

Carolyn Truby, CBA Of True-B-Loons in Germantown, Maryland is taking action to grow her business! She participated in the Gaithersburg Maryland Labor Day Parade yesterday. After attending the BalloonCoach.com Parade Promotions & Profits class in Chicago in June, Carolyn took what she learned from Balloons by Tommy and staff of the workshop to create a UNITY float for her Labor Day Parade. The focus of her entry, we ARE one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Are your taking action to grow YOUR business?

Carolyn at PPP 2016

(Carolyn in Chicago for the Parade workshop)


Carolyn and Team Unity

A group of balloon pros and volunteers helped Carolyn bring her vision to life. Shout out to: Lori Nelson, TaNinya Buckhanan, Chanequa Watson, Sara Parent, Bola Dawodu, Dawn Dandy and Stacy Moore.

Carolyn bird labor day

Shout out to Dennis Scott and Qualatex for teaching this Bird of Peace at the Parade Workshop

And Eddie Heyland for the Anagram, Magic Arch Parade Poles.

Carolyn full parade unit Labor day 2016

Wonderful to see Carolyn’s entry inspired by Balloons by Tommy and BalloonCoach.com Parade Promotions & Profits Workshop!

Plan to take Action

Have you ever attended a class, workshop or convention, thought about doing something you learned in the class…but then never followed through with the idea? It happens to a lot of us, I know I have had that happen several times. A unique piece of the Parade Promotions & Profits workshop was the team of Instructors provided hands-on learning, mixed with business classes focused on how to take action when returning home!

Take 10 minutes to think of the training you have attended in the past and a marketing plan, technique or market you planned to do…but have not used yet. Write down the plan to Take Action NOW!

  • Identify the Action you will take.
  • Set a deadline.
  • What support do you need to complete it?
  • Announce to someone what you plan to do (You can even email Joette@ballooncoach.com or make a public announcement on Balloon Coach Community on Facebook! (this is a closed group you can request to be a member of)
  • WRITE THIS DOWN and post it where you will see it through out the day, so it’s on the top of your mind to complete!

Need a little inspiration, training or motivation to take the next step to Grow Your Business?

BalloonCoach.com is here for you!

One-to-One and Elite Coaching programs give you custom support to help you make a plan and hold you accountable, and support you along the way.

Monthly Webinars give you Tips from Balloon Professionals around the world, from the comfort of your home or office, without any travel expenses. Just $25 a month for the subscription (no contract for how long you have to keep..just give 30 days notice), or $35 if you don’t wish to be in the automatic subscription plan.

Our Next class is Sept 27th, the Dynamic Duo from Balloons by Tommy “The Elegant Side of Balloons”

Ready to really make an increase in your business. No mater how NEW or OLD you are in the industry. David Mahoney, of Balloons Everyday and Joette Giardina, BalloonCoach.com are preparing a dynamic 2 day workshop for YOU! Join us in Orlando November 13th and 14th! Bridge the Gap to Success!

Free Monthly Ezine to give you tips and inspiration http://elevated.events

Congratulations to Carolyn, for taking action to Market her company in a unique way and show her Town what she can create for them!

I look forward to hearing what ACTION you take to take your business to the Next Level!

For more support and ongoing training go to BalloonCoach.com

Your Partner in Success,

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Joette Lime and Teal March 2016 post

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