Tips for Balloon Boss Moms

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Tips for Balloon Boss Moms

From one balloon boss mom to another I want to commend you for going for your dreams!

After my only child Marlee was born in 1999, I had a strong desire to work from home. My husband is a teacher in Florida, so that means I need to bring in income to help support our family expenses. I purchased Party People in Lakeland, Florida in 2003, when my daughter was 4 and I was burnt out as a Social Worker. Our home was transformed into a balloon making factory!

My goal was to be “the perfect at home mom” with dinner ready for my husband in the evening when he got home and having lots of time to spend with my daughter creating a flexible schedule by working from home. I was looking at business ownership through rose colored glasses.

The reality is that we ate a ton of fast food and more microwave meals than I care to admit. My daughter and husband worked the balloon business with me on evenings and weekends to help grow the company, and to be able to spend time with me they became my set up crew. At one point my husband stated, “I don’t remember ever asking to have a 2nd job!” Today I want to share a few tips with you that I have learned along the way to encourage you on your Balloon Boss Mom Journey

Do you feel a strong passion to grow a thriving balloon business and love the feeling of being your own boss?

I have found on my business journey that there are many twist and turns along the way but when I found my “tribe” of like minded balloon professionals, and surrounded myself with positive, successful people their support and encouragement helped me keep moving forward and overcome so many obstacles along the way.

Things our children learn from having a Balloon Boss Mom:

  • To go for their dreams
  • You can create any business you have a passion for
  • Work skills
  • How to talk to strangers
  • How to behave in public
  • Customer service
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • Opportunities to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Value the work that goes into a special event




Work Life Balance:

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. -Stephen Covey

Each day we make difficult choices, as a Mom and Business owner we are juggling two full time jobs.

Women tend to often neglect themselves and put everyone and everything else in front of self care.

I know I sure have. Over the years of business ownership I gained more weight and ate drive through on a regular basis.  I finally took action steps, changed my eating and am halfway to my personal goals.

Whatever your personal goals are, I encourage you to take action now…You can’t pour from an empty cup. I was sleep deprived, nutrition deprived and felt burnt out. NOW I have so much more energy to make my dreams reality!






Fill your cup FIRST!

  • According to the National Institutes of health 7-9 hours of quality sleep directly effects our mental and physical health making us more productive.
  • Feed your body healthy foods that nourish your body with vitamins and create the energy you need to run a business.
  • Feed your mind positive thoughts
  • Set a morning ritual of time focused on you.
  • Schedule exercise, stretching or other physical activity to keep you strong
  • Plan at least one vacation or “stay-cation” a year to rejuvenate
  • Create a vision board to see your dreams daily, and put the Law of Attraction to work for you to make your dreams reality.




Fun times traveling in our Party People Van! Marlee’s smile reminds me why I work so hard to make my dreams reality.

If you have the passion to have a Thriving Balloon Business, and to be an amazing mom, I encourage you that it is possible to have both.

The more that you have written plans and objectives the more time you can create for your family.

One KEY to Your Success is to know your WHY

  • What is your WHY? Why do you have a balloon business write those goals down
  • Who do you want to spend the most time with
  • Set a schedule of Work time and Family time
  • Create a support team to help you make these dreams reality
  • Take action daily to THRIVE in all areas of your life.

Marlee, Joette, Brian
Rockstar Party WBC 2014 Denver Colorado

I made a lot of of decisions over the years between family time and serving my clients.

The passion to have a thriving balloon business sometimes comes at a cost of less time with your family. Each of us have different personal, family and financial goals.

For me, the key to making those dreams reality has been writing my goals, creating a vision board, and taking action daily to make those dreams reality.



Marlee and my assistant Jen checking people into my first Orlando hands on event November 2016 Bridge the Gap to Success.

Through these experiences, Marlee has seen what it is like to be a part of a team, watch balloon business owners write their goals down and go for their dreams.

In 2015 I took a leap of faith and sold Party People “my baby of 12 years” to Johnathon Gerber, I now serve as the part time Marketing Manager for Party People to have my full attention on creating online and in person training and resources for the balloon industry through




It is exciting to see my daughter grow into a young adult and now serve as one of my biggest cheerleaders.

Proud mom moments that came through owning my balloon business include my daughter as an elementary student shaking hands with the Mayor of Lakeland and my Chamber ribbon-cutting event and confidently introducing herself.

The photo above is Marlee’s boyfriend Stephen, Marlee, my husband of 25 years Brian and I at Promotions & Profits Retreat Orlando 2018 dinner.

At this event Marlee had some great conversations with participants of the workshop talking about her goals for the future, she got her spark and registered for Aesthetician and skincare program.

I am so blessed by the amazing men and women in the balloon industry that serve as my support system and that have been an active part of my family’s life.   Being a business owner is not an easy path but it is rewarding.  Everyone’s definition of success is different, however, the systems to create a business are tried and true.  If you would like to save time and money in your journey and surround yourself with like-minded individuals traveling the road to success I encourage you to invest in yourself and join our programs. 

If you would like immediate access to online training and support learning from Business owners to help you make your dreams a reality – check out online and in-person training at

Do one thing today your future self will thank you for!

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.






Tips for Balloon Boss Moms

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