What are your goals for your balloon business?

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What do you want from your balloon business?

Have you written down your specific goals?

For some it’s that you want a creative outlet to express yourself and bring joy to others and you don’t have a dollar amount attached to it.

However for those of you who wish to make balloons your lively hood, have you just created a job for yourself? Or are you building a business that you can retire from and the business will continue to make money when you step out of the picture?

On Sept 22nd, David Mahoney, owner of Balloons Everyday, was the Special guest for the Kick off of BalloonCoach.com Webclasses. After the class was over I was excited to see all the post from individuals stating how David’s class inspired them. They appreciated David’s straight forward approach, sharing how his warehouse is set up and systems he uses to organize his crew and orders.

David has a drive to provide a steady income for his family and retirement. After watching the class some told me they were over whelmed as they did not want to be a manager of such a large company, and they didn’t want to work 7 days a week.

My response is that is the great thing about owning your own balloon business you can create the model that works best for you. I am offering a variety of guest for the BalloonCoach.com learning series so that you will be able to hear from people all over the world as they share their business models and systems so you can choose what works best for you.

One thing I think many balloon professionals do not think about is What’s Next?

Do you have a retirement plan?

What happens if you end up in the Hospital?

What if you have an injury and cannot personally create the balloon decor?

As you set your goals for your business these are really important things to consider. If you would like to still have money being generated when you are not physically doing the work, then you will need to train a team of staff to do the work and manage the company for you. If you are a small company that might just be one or two people. If you are a large company more people.

What systems are you putting in place for your business to be able to generate money when you are out of town at a convention, family wedding, or dealing with a medical emergency?

BalloonCoach.com was founded to Help YOU Take your business to new Heights. If you would like help creating your plan for success (however you define success) and would like a Coach to Mentor and Motivate you during your journey, check out my coaching packages. Group coaching is meetings twice a month online with a private online support group to help you focus in on Income Producing task. One to One and elite coaching set you up for concentrated personal goal focused conversations and action plans to give you the most support possible from 3 hours a month to 2 hours a week based on your needs. It’s exciting to me to see my coaching clients achieve success, taking steps forward and getting new clients!

Our Next Guest will be Balloons By Tommy, Live webclass October 20. The Great thing about webclasses is you don’t have to be on LIVE to get the information – NO EXCUSES I want everyone to be able to Learn from each other. Sign up by Oct 15th and you will get the Replay recording access of the class within 2 days after the class and be able to login to private side of BalloonCoach.com to see the class anytime you want…payment must be recieved by Oct 15, 2015 for the access. Sign up now just $25, Tommy DeLorenzo business is home based and Doubled his sales last year, and will share the system he has put in place to make less phone calls, spending more time in production of orders.

No mater if you are Brand new to the industry or a veteran Balloon Coach is here to give you support and resources!

Your Partner in Success,

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Take Your Business to New Heights!


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