What Do You Want to Create?

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What Do You Want to Create?

Today, I’m going to share a very personal part of my journey with you. I share this as I have found that there is a big connection between our work and personal lives. They affect each other, as much as we would like them to be separate.

I started in the balloon business full time in 2003 with a dream to be my own boss and a belief that anything is possible!

Over the years, I have attended many wonderful balloon classes, conventions and trainings. I have met people who make a TON of money with balloons, as we as some that I would say are professional convention attendees – but the income has not followed. What is the difference? How can two people go to the exact same event, sit beside each other and one have no changes in their business while the person next to them SOARS, taking action on everything they learned?

I firmly believe it all goes back to Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life!

Some hold onto fears, doubts and believe that they cannot succeed. While others believe with all their heart that anything is possible.

What Do you want to create?

What do you want your future to look like?

How do you want your balloon business to be a part of that end goal?

WHO is in control of making those dreams come true?

Today (10/31/18) was a first…my first Halloween without eating the candy I was passing out to the kids!

I have not had a candy bar since June 16! In the midst of our 30 day road trip this summer we started eating differently. The foods I used to crave and have on the road – I walked past and chose to eat nuts and berries as my snacks instead!

Today I am 51 pounds lighter than I was in June. I still have a LOT more to go to my goal of “Fit at Fifty”. (Being as big as I am, it is sometimes hard to realize the change)

It is the best feeling to fit into pants I have not worn in over a year, and for shirts to start getting baggy. For the first time that I can remember I don’t have the uncontrollable desire to eat all the candy left over from Halloween!

I debated if I would share this story or not…but I feel that there is someone who needs to hear this story, so I’m sharing.

Each day the actions we take are a choice. WE alone are responsible for our attitude and our actions.

When I look at the last year overall it’s had a crap load of challenges:

  • The hurricane a year ago damaged our roof and we had to have it replaced with a huge deductable.
  • My daughter totalled her car a week before My Dad died in January
  • We found out this summer that my Mom has Alzheimers
  • My husband has been in the hospital 3 times since July

Not exactly a challenge free year, however one thing I have found out about myself over the years is I’m a natural born problem solver. I’m not going to let the crap in life get me down. Yes I might cry, get upset, or feel depressed a bit. But what I find is when I face the challenge head on and come up with a solution to find the lesson in each challenge I have the strength to endure it and come out the other side stronger.

Each day I wake up blessed to be surrounded by my amazing husband and daughter who bring me much support and joy. I have a wonderful sense of appreciation for all the friendships I have from people all around the world who I have met through being a balloon professional, and who have supported me in this wild journey of business ownership.

I have a ton of challenges, but I now make the choice daily to PICK my GOALS for the long term over eating a candy bar now – or something else sweet, or the junk food I use to crave.

I make different choices when we go out to eat and shop at the store. It would be “easier” to just cave in…but I choose to focus on my goals.

Almost 4 years ago I took the leap of faith to sell my “baby” – my balloon business, Party People to Johnathon Gerber and to JUMP OUT of my safety net and launch BalloonCoach.com. It’s not been an easy journey there are many daily challenges to owning your own business.

Each day when I get messages from my members sharing their success stories with JOY and telling me how they faced their fears and stepped out to take the action steps I suggested and landed a new client or made a new connection – I feel so proud to have set up resources that did not use to exist. The resources I wish I would of had 15 years ago!

My passion is to help others grow their business to have the freedom to make their dreams a reality. And honestly often I wonder why I’m so passionate about being positive.

My Dad used to tell me I would not get married because I was fat and that no one would want to marry me unless I lost weight.
Boy, did I prove him wrong! My handsome husband Brian and I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage in April. ( I share this….because many times in life we let what other people tell us become our reality and let us limit our beliefs in what can be…I have a feeling someone I know needs to hear this story…not to let someone else place limits on you)

What story that someone else told about you, are you letting become your reality?

Each day Your Attitude, and Your Choices = YOUR LIFE
What do YOU choose to create?

I choose to become FIT at Fifty (9/2/2019).

I choose to spread joy and encouragement to others who need to be uplifted and I choose to create a business that I am passionate about.

What’s Your Dream?

If you are not sure exactly what your vision is for your future I have a great Vision Board class I taught, it is online and a part of our Premier Program. If you would like support on your business journey our Premier Program is our most inclusive package with amazing training available to you 24/7 in addition to becoming a member of our Balloon Boss Mastermind to help you through your weekly schedule for success, marketing tips and tricks to creating professional balloon decor.

To find out more go to BalloonCoach.com click on this month’s webinar and read the information about Premier. It gives you access to our monthly webinars plus access to all the previous webinar replays over $2,500 of online training.

I look forward to hearing about What you want to create from your balloon business!

You can email me at Joette@ballooncoach.com

Or connect with me on Facebook in Balloon Coach Community

Your Partner in Success,
Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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