What if Your Balloon Pops?

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What if Your Balloon Pops?

What happens if your balloon pops bc

I have been seeing a lot of photos shared recently with Paint inside of balloons…beautiful effect but the Corporate Event Planner in me can’t help but think, What Happens if Your Balloon POPS?

I have been blessed over the years to work in some beautiful venues and huge Estates. One of my first thoughts is always about making sure I cause no damage to the venue or clients home with the decor I’m creating.

I’ll never forget being on location at a brand new bank where we were asked last minute to inflate more Latex balloons with hi float, and one burst! Hi float all over me, my hair, and part of a balloon stuck to the wall of the conference room.

Good thing is from experience I knew that Hi float will wash out of my clothes and the wall with water…so I rushed to the bathroom to get paper towels and water.

Due to this experience, that is vivid in my mind…When I see Paint in the balloons (especially bubbles as I don’t know if the paint can dry since it’s not exposed to air…I’ve not given it a try yet…if anyone has tested it please let me know.) All I can think of is what damage flying paint could do to walls, carpet, furniture etc. Personally I do not plan to ever offer that option to my client, as I would hate to have the bill to replace furniture, carpet etc or just be responsible for the cleaning bill for a Wedding dress, Prom dress or Tux that is covered in paint from my burst balloon!

As Professional Balloon Artist I think it’s really important for us to always consider the what if’s. IE anything that you place inside the balloons…when the balloon pops it’s going to go Everywhere…DO you have a vaccume in your delivery vehicle? Broom and dustpan? Rags, water to clean a mess etc.

KEY is in our profession as we continue to branch out and create new techniques, designs and lovely pieces of art and want to be respected as professionals in the events industry as a whole, it’s very important we think about all the possible outcomes…As you create…always think, What Happens if Your Balloon POPS and plan and prepare accordingly.

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