When it comes to pricing don’t clown around!
Hello balloon decorating professional, if you have not heard this lately, your time is valuable!  You deserve to be paid well for your work.
When I started in the balloon industry full time in 2003 I had no idea the amount of overhead that should be counted in my pricing for my balloon decor.  “It’s just balloons” right?  WRONG!    When I speak to other event professionals, it’s not “just flowers”, “just sugar and flour”or just a linen”.  Being a business owner has a lot of sweat, tears, hours and money invested to provide quality services to our clients to create memorable moments.

Prior to my full time career in the balloon industry, I have a background in social work and helping people mixed with some sales training over the years.  Nothing prepared me fully for the wild ride of being a balloon business owner.  Over the years I have invested thousands of dollars in business training, professional development and balloon industry training to help increase my confidence in pricing for profit and knowing that not everyone is my client.  As I grew my home based business to $150,000 a year and now serve as the marketing manager for Party People Events that grossed over $500,000 a year for 2018, and 2019 I have learned that when we value ourselves by having profitable pricing will will attract clients that value our services.

5 Tips to Create Profitable Pricing from the Start

Track how much time it takes to do your job, not just making the balloons
Sell memorable moments and feelings, not balloons
Value your time as a business owner, not as an employee
Build your pricing based on overhead for growth
Track all your expenses with Quickbooks online or other tracking tool

When we look at our business we have to realize we do not just sell balloons,  we create memorable moments for our clients.  In a world full of pain, despair and fear, balloons bring joy and smiles to the world in a way no other medium can.

I’m Joette Giardina, CBA aka Balloon Coach.  I have been earning my income full time from the balloon industry since 2003.
Over the years I have investested tens of thousands of dollars on training and travel expenses to increase my skills and increase my confidence as a Balloon Business Owner.  I now have the pleasure of walking side by side with my friends and clients in the balloon industry to support them as they grow their Thriving Balloon Business.  I offer more information on my YouTube channel and in my Balloon Coach Community Facebook group

You can get immediate access to online learning and register for in person training at BalloonCoach.com
Balloon Boss Pro Summit is held annually in Orlando allowing you to build balloon decor and meet with mentors in the industry in a unique small group learning workshop.    Online learning is also available through Balloon Boss Pro Course and Balloon Boss Mastermind.
Looking for one to one hands on learning experience outside of November, custom sessions held in Lakeland, Florida  email Balloon Coach,   Joette@ballooncoach.com to set up a time a program based on your needs.

My goal now as Balloon Coach is to help balloon professionals around the world have the resources I wish I had back in 2003 to help you increase your confidence and profit quicker than I did!

Take one step forward today your future self will thank you for.
Review your pricing for profit and value.

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor.  Motivator.  Speaker.