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Friday’s typically are busy days for many balloon companies. Some work a lot of weekend events. Some who focus on weekday events spend Friday catching up on paperwork or preparing for the next week. For other balloon folks they work a Full time Job on Friday and often then focus on their business on Nights and weekends. NO MATER where you are in your journey in the Balloon Industry…YOUR Dreams will not work unless YOU WORK ON your business!

Working ON your business is more than inflating balloons and creating cool decor. It’s Building a business! Last night I spent the evening at a Chamber networking event. One of the ladies at the event came up to me and she saw my name tag she said, “I know I have seen you decorate an event before, and you know a lot of people don’t you?” I said yes…I built up my business by Networking, in 2003 I was still new to my city and did not know a lot of people when I bought my business. I had to get out and break through the “good ole boy network”, and Brand my company.

Many people contact me about coaching as they have a fear of “selling themselves and networking” Others just don’t know where to start. THERE IS NEVER a Perfect time to do anything…YOU JUST HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD, daily.

YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD to grow a profitable business. YOU can’t WAIT for the phone to ring…YOU HAVE to venture outside of your bubble and tell people about your business! Here is a recording from a free Mini Webinar I did a while back on Networking…if this is an area you struggle in – check it out Make it a Fabulous Day!

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Dreams don'e work unless you do

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