Your Common Balloon Questions, Answered: What Color Is This?

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Let’s Address A Common Balloon Business Issue

We’ve all been presented with a picture from Pinterest (or another unknown source) from a client asking us to create X, Y or Z. Whether it is the shape, theme or color, we know that in most cases, a photo does not provide a complete picture of the work involved or the products used. 

If you’re been getting color match requests, this blog is for you! 

Here are my top three tips for responding when a client asks you to match colors from a photo online 

#1 Educate Your Client about Balloon Colors 

Most of your clients have no idea what colors you have available. Or that some people achieve certain looks by using more product than is necessary or using “creative” solutions to achieve their desired results.   Here is a script that I find helpful: 

“Mrs Jones I look forward to creating beautiful balloons for your daughters sweet 16!  

Due to lighting, filters, and a wide range of balloons on the market today, I cannot promise an exact match.  However,  I can create a design that will coordinate with your event.” 

Many customers would not usually compare florals to balloons, but just as certain colors aren’t available in nature (or the vibrancy of color in one season versus another can be different), certain balloon colors may not exist when they need them. Using this analogy may help them understand. 

#2 Be Direct as to the Current Worldwide Balloon Shortage. 

You are the expert – clients don’t know what they don’t know!  If you aren’t forthcoming and transparent with them, it will hurt you in the long run. While I’m not proposing you give ALL The details away, this is a great opportunity to explain what is happening in the industry and how you, as the professional, are handling it. 

Supply chain issues are happening in almost every industry from cars to food, so your clients tend to be more understanding than you may expect.

Share the color charts of the brand of balloons you can offer based on what is on your shelves-  do not promise anything you don’t have in stock.   You may have a wide variety of manufactures and colors, only promise what you have on hand, and if they want something else let them know you will do your best to source their color preferences.

Side note on double stuffing to achieve certain colors.  While in the midst of supply chain issues the last thing you want to do is promise a certain double stuffed color made by putting one balloon inside another.  You might not be able to get in both of the colors you are seeking.   When you double stuff you risk one balloon popping and then a color not even in their color pallet appearing in their design.   Double stuffed balloons and all balloons look different based on lighting and if indoors or out.   I encourage not to double stuff unless absolutely necessary during balloon shortage issues.   If you do double stuff make sure to charge for the additional, time, knowledge and product used.

#3 Use Other Media to Bring in Their Colors

If you’re really running into an issue, incorporate fabric, florals, ribbon, signs, vinyl to complete the color palette. 

One of the keys to profitability and happy clients is educating our clients as to what is available! They will appreciate your expertise. And if they don’t? There is another client around the corner that will! 

Bonus tips!

One of the balloon distributors who hosted one of our Balloon Coach teaching tour hands-on classes in California in 2019, LA Balloons has a cool online tool to help balloon stylists as they search for colors for their clients.

Latex Color Guide by HUE.
If a color in the brand you are looking for is not in stock, it shows you the other brands’ colors in the same hue that you may choose instead. Click the heading above to check it out!

Access Color Charts of the Manufactures who support ongoing education and Balloon Boss Summit:
Betallatex Color Chart
Gemar USA

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