6 Reasons to Attend Balloon Boss Summit 2022

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Joette Giardina

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So, you want to attend Balloon Boss Summit 2022, but you need a little convincing… Here are SIX reasons to attend our next summit.

Business Mindset

Being in business alone is hard! And even when you aren’t alone, we have to be tougher than the average Joe to overcome some of the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship. From self doubt to loneliness, to lack of motivation and constant worry, we’re all plagued with an inner voice that is begging to be heard! We have to work on our mindset to be successful. This is a HUGE part of the summit experience, understanding that we’re our worst critic but can also be our own biggest fan! We’ll work on improving your business mindset together (and continue to do so in the mastermind program too).

Acquire New Skills + Improve Existing Skills

In the Balloon Business, we learn by doing! Every now and then, we’ll get stumped! Or, we have a balloon style we want to learn or improve on. At the summit, we do TONS of HANDS ON training to help you acquire new skills and improve your existing skills. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been in business 3 months or you’re a seasoned pro- there is something for every skill level! Want to learn more about picking the right colors, creating organic designs, selling classic decor or incorporating additional design elements in your balloon designs? We have you covered on ALL of this and SO much more!

Hands-On Application Time

As mentioned above, we provide plenty of opportunities for hands-on training. It’s so important as a balloon artist to try new things and find ways to improve your existing processes. We provide a variety of stations so that you can experiment in the arenas that you’re looking to grow. With several mentors and all the major balloon suppliers attending, you can really get to work!

Increase Confidence in Creating and Selling Balloon Decor

One of the most common issues I hear from balloon bosses is how to price! So much of price is dependent on your own confidence to SELL IT! So we work on loads of selling techniques together and help you increase your confidence so that you can present all the options knowing that you’re serving your client well and making a profit in the process.

Competitive Advantage

The more you know, the more you GROW! If you’re working ON your business, you have a leg up from your competition that is working IN their business. If you are consistently working on improving your business, you =ave the competitive advantage.

Community Building

You need a support system in business and everyone that you meet at summit feels the same way! YOu have an instant community of fellow balloon bosses that want to see you THRIVE. They want you to win (and you want them to win too)! Everyone who attends summit has the same general goal – to building a successful business (how each of you defines success is different). You have a built-in group of peers at summit that understands your dreams, goals, aspirations and business. There will always be someone to lean on after attending summit!

Let’s harness your superpowers and make you a force to be reckoned with! Register for the November 6 through November 9, 2022 Balloon Boss Summit HERE and take advantage of several payment plan options. And don’t forget, If you’re a Balloon Boss Mastermind Member or Summit Alumni, you get a special discount (don’t forget to use your coupon code!) Email me (joette@ballooncoach.com) for more details or jump into the mastermind today!

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