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Balloon Boss Summit: Meet Eddie Heyland

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Getting Excited about Balloon Boss Summit? Let's meet another instructor!

As we continue our series on the fabulous instructor team for Balloon Boss Summit in Orlando this November, we’re introducing you to The King of Latex – Eddie Heyland!  (If you missed our other posts, you start at the beginning HERE!)

We asked Eddie a few questions so that you can get to know him better.

Q: Tell us about you/your business and where you are located?

A: Balloon business owner of Balloon City USA in Dallas from an office warehouse.  

Q: Who are your favorite clients?

A: Corporate! 

Q: How long have you been in the balloon business?

A: Pre hifloat! (Editors note: Eddie has been in the business longer than he will admit. His colleagues indicate he will only say “over 25 years”). 

Q: What is your top “skill” or “signature” design/service?

A: Classic and clever. My top skill would be the King of promotion! 

Q: What is your favorite balloon color combo, color and brand?

A: Betallic key lime and fuschia

Q: What is the biggest lesson learned as a balloon business owner?

A: It’s not brain surgery, so just chill out. And stop when the customer is happy! 

Joette and Eddie Meet at Lauderdale Paper

Q: How did you meet Joette?

A: Bonded at Lauderdale Paper when I was teaching a class and I was homeless. (lol) May 2012 after taught the snowman bead technique at a class Joette was attending. 

Q: When did you first attend or teach at a Balloon coach event what event?

A: I have been an instructor at each of her events since day one! 

Q: What are you most excited for at Balloon Boss Summit 2022?

A: Find the next talented star and help to change.  

Thank you, Eddie, for letting us get to know a little bit more about you. Among the other things he is “king” of, Eddie is the King of motivating others to make money with balloons. He shares wisdom on tips and tricks that make you more efficient and profitable. 

Eddie is one of those people you can’t help to smile when you are around him. You never know what he will do next – from jumping up on a table to teaching in a crown. He has been on the Balloon Coach teaching team since 2016 in Chicago when we taught Parade Promotions & Profits in Chicago with Balloons by Tommy.   In 2021, he served as a mentor to the new instructors at Balloon Boss Summit to help them prepare for their time on stage helping them hone in on their message.

For Balloon Boss Summit 2022, Eddie will share the stage with long time friend Peggy Williams to teach Balloon Bootcamp on Sunday from 10 am to noon. You do NOT want to miss this comedic, dynamic duo as they share their wisdom with you! 

Still need a ticket? Only about 30 tickets remain! Check out all of the details HERE and we look forward to seeing you in Orlando November 6-10th! Check back next week when we will introduce you to yet another amazing part of our Balloon Boss Summit team!

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