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Balloon Boss Summit: Meet Sara Meyer

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

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Getting Excited about Balloon Boss Summit? Let's meet another instructor!

As we prepare for Balloon Boss Summit in Orlando this November, we’re introducing you to our fabulous team of instructors. Sponsored by 17 Hats, we are pleased to welcome Sara Meyer. This is the fifth in  our series. (If you missed our other posts, you start at the beginning HERE!)

Sara building organic balloons

We asked Sara a few questions so that you can get to know her better.

Q: Tell us about you/your business and where you are located?

A: I’m a part-time balloon business owner of Wisconsin  Balloon Decor where I run my business from a small shop attached to my home. 

Q: Who are your favorite clients?

A: I do a lot of weddings, showers and corporate events.

Q: How long have you been in the balloon business?

A: 6 years? Starting to lose count! 

Q: What is your top “skill” or “signature” design/service?

A: I think people know me for organic decor, but really my best skill is speed and consistency. That’s what makes the money.

Q: What is your favorite balloon color combo, color and brand?

A: Qualatex Caribbean blue 

Q: What is the biggest lesson learned as a balloon business owner?

A: Balloon skill is not the most important part! It’s not even in the top 5! 

Q: How did you meet Joette?

A: At a Parades, Profits and Promotions event in Chicago.

Q: When did you first attend or teach at a Balloon coach event what event?

A: Same event as above!

Q: What are you most excited for at Balloon Boss Summit 2022?

A: For me it’s a time to focus and be totally immersed in my business and plans for the next year. I work to remove any real-world distractions from my life that week so I can be completely focused on myself that week.

Hear what one delegate has to say about Sara’s previous classes at Summit:
“When I attended Balloon Boss Summit last year, one of the many things we changed was switching to 17Hats for our CRM since the one we were using just wasn’t “working for us” the way we’d hoped. (Thanks, Sara!) The automation on the end of working with clients, has optimized the way we do things to save us time, and making us money. Today, I took a mid-day break to go for a walk with my kids. 45 minutes later, I came back to this as my inbox. In the space of time that I was gone, the systems we’ve set up fully booked 5 jobs and captured a new lead form. These gigs that just booked within an hour come to about $7,500. Clients have appreciated the promptness and the ease with which they can book and finalize the details. Just one of so many little changes we made in our business thanks to Balloon Boss Summit that has made our business continue to thrive and grow!” – Emily Foulk Leavitt

Sara will be teaching the systems she has put in place in her CRM, 17hats to efficiently sell high-profit grab-and-go garlands. She will be available on Sunday and during evening sessions while you are at Balloon Boss Summit to help you work in your CRM to save time and money with systems for success!

Thank you, Sara, for letting us get to know a little bit more about you.  And a huge thank you to 17 Hats for sponsoring Sara for this year’s Summit.

Still need a ticket? Only about 32 tickets remain! Check out all of the details HERE and we look forward to seeing you in Orlando November 6-9th! Check back next week when we will introduce you to yet another amazing part of our Balloon Boss Summit team!

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