Balloon training how to choose the right fit for you

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Balloon training how to choose the right fit for you?
We are all unique and have different learning styles.

Take a quick quiz:

Do you learn best hands on, or can you read or watch something online and copy it?
Do you prefer to learn as a group or one to one?
Do you enjoy traveling?
When in a large group of people do you feel overlooked?
Do you want to learn more about building systems to increase your profit or would you prefer just to learn how to create cool balloon designs?
Do you like to listen to training at all hours of the day and night?
Do you find value in making new relationships with other Balloon Business Owners?

No matter your learning style and if you prefer individual, small group or large group learning the balloon industry is full of amazing instructors ready to help you take the next step.

The question is are you truly ready to invest in yourself to save time in money as you develop your business?
It can be easy to fall into a trap of thinking, “everything I need to know I can find online on YouTube”

YES YouTube is a wealth of information and I watch videos from many of my favorite instructors and have YouTube videos I have created.

HOWEVER when you are serious about saving time and money learning proven systems for business growth that is where investing in training comes into play.

Practice what I preach

I found out about balloon decor around 2000 when I was selling Party Supplies online I would go to conventions and found out about balloon decor.
In 2003 I purchased a balloon company in Lakeland, Florida where I live to learn from the owner and take over her customer base.

The #1 tip the previous owner gave was me to invest annually in attending training and I have been to training annually ever since from small events held at distributors to investing in flying across the country to go to World Balloon Convention, and FLOAT.

Over the years I became frustrated at the stock answer when someone would ask “how much do you sell that for, the response was “do a job cost form. “
I wanted to hear real life numbers of what people charged and were being paid for their work.

I wanted to know what was actually possible to bring in as an income.

In 2003 I had no idea their were companies from home doing $100,000 to $300,000 of sales a year and putting 50 % or more in their pocket.
I had NO IDEA there were balloon companies that did over a Million Dollars in sales.

If I would of known in 2003 what I know now I would of structured my business totally different, and that is the training I now provide through our Balloon Coach programs. 


If you answered that you like to learn in a small group, hands on, and are interested in both developing systems for business growth and increase skills and confidence in creating high profit balloon decor then Balloon Boss Summit Orlando is the place for you!

Overview for Balloon Boss Summit 2021
Only 100 Attendees
18 Instructors/mentors
Learn together in one ballroom side by side with instructors
Create personalized roadmap to success
Create high profit balloon decor
Leave with professional photos to market with
Create a professional network
Stay extra to go be a Disney World Tourist!

Click here listen to The Bright Balloon Podcast for insights from Sara Meyer on her thoughts and experiences at Balloon Boss Summit so you know what to expect. 

At the quiz did you say you prefer to learn online, and can take what you read or hear and apply it to your business?
In the midst of social distancing are you concerned about travel and being in a room with others, then our Balloon Boss Mastermind or Balloon Boss Pro Course are for YOU!

You can choose one or both.

Balloon Boss Pro Course is self study no interaction with others.

Balloon Boss Mastermind is ongoing training and support:
3 live webinars a month
Breakout sessions at the end of each webinar to network and brainstorm with like minded balloon pros from around the world
Sales Scripts
Library of replays from 2015 from over 40 instructors from around the world
Editable pricing guide templates
Social Media Post
Ongoing Group coaching and support

If you prefer one to one training you can hang out with Balloon Coach, Joette Giardina CBA online or in person for $100 an hour for business coaching and then extra fees to cover the balloon supplies for the designs you wish to create if doing hands on in person one to one training at the warehouse in Lakeland, Florida.

Learn in the warehouse that was build for Joette’s Home based business.
Email to schedule your sessions. 

If you prefer to go to the largest balloon conventions in the world then you will want to research FLOAT and World Balloon Convention that are held every couple of years in the USA, and if you attend please stop by the vendor booth and introduce yourself!


Balloon manufactures also sponsor other trainings around the world check out their websites for details. 

You deserve to have the best, invest in yourself!

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