Commit and show up for your balloon business

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Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Are you ready to commit and show up for your balloon business?
In Balloon Coach programs we have a saying Take Action THRIVE!
What does it mean to thrive?
prosper, flourish.

When I jumped into the balloon industry full time with both feet the end of 2003 I had no idea the unlimited possibilities in the balloon industry, or how to properly structure a balloon business. Now as Balloon Coach I provide unique online and in person balloon training and support to help balloon professionals learn from each other to save time and money to be able to experience success quicker.

I want to share some inspiration from one of our Instructors for Balloon Boss Summit coming up in Orlando November 2021.
I cannot wait to spend a week with Megan and our amazing 18 person team of instructors/mentors.

In 2020 a balloon business owner who has stood out to me due to her drive and determination is Megan. Hope you are as inspired by Megan Raysby as much as I am. Following is a post she put out on Facebook that I asked her permission to share in my blog for more to see her story.

The photo above is from an article “Holiday balloon sculpture at Northbrook Court helps raise money for charity

This is what it takes sometimes to run a business in a pandemic.
I thought of making this house when the calendar was empty.
Once I had it all set up with the design and charity, and location, there were 6 deliveries on the calendar during the same time and two more who called while I was fundraising. And it’s just me in the shop right now.

Seventy to 80 hours over five days and the best post event interview I could give was “I’m so tired.”

But once you commit, you show up.
Saying yes and showing up no matter how tired you are or how achy your body feels, is what makes you great!

There’s a kinetic buzz that happens when you do something special.

Maybe no one who took a card will call, but somehow the universe feels you out there putting in the work, and sending out your energy, and it gives it back to you three fold.

It’s not always about the design you make, but about how you make people feel when you talk about balloons, or how you try and give back to your community in your downtime. We raised over $600 in cash and waiting on online donation count. I wish you all a Happy Holidays!

The buzz that Megan referred to I often call the Law of Attraction, if you have read the book or seen the movie The Secret it shares how powerful our thoughts and actions can be. When we want to have growth in our business it is important for us to be confident that the business exist for us to get, for us to set up a plan and as Megan stated you have to commit and show up for your business no matter what you are facing.

One of the things that I have enjoyed about watching Megan’s journey with her business in 2020 is her persistence and can do attitude. She has a delivery van, she purchased a new home with workshop for her balloon business, she tracks her numbers to know her income and has online systems set to increase efficiency.

There is something magical in the air each November when we gather in a room filled with like minded balloon professionals focused on a goal to increase our business. We learn from each other and we leave on fire and with a plan for action, we call it our roadmap to success.

You can grab your seat now for the next Balloon Boss Summit in Orlando, Florida click here to meet our team of instructors and the details to lock in your spot – seating is limited due to the format of this unique small group learning experience. Thank you to Betallic for their ongoing support of education in the balloon industry and sponsoring Megan for the 2021 Balloon Boss Summit event.

Commit and show up to take your balloon business to the next level.

Take one step forward today your future self will thank you for.

Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.
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