Create Raving Fans for your Balloon Decor!

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Create Raving Fans for your Balloon Decor!

What do I mean by that?

As you grow your business building a base of raving fans can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the time it takes for you to GROW to the level you desire.

When I purchased my business in 2003, the previous owner had closed the store front, and after 2 years at home sold me the company. My first battle was to let people know we were still in business! Many people who had used us in the past were unaware we were still open for business since they often drove past the vacant storefront where Party People used to be!

I became an active member of the local Chamber of Commerce in Lakeland, FL. ACTIVE is the key word, that does not mean you just pay your dues and pray people call you it just doesn’t happen that way.

Steps I used to create Raving Fans for my balloon decor:

  • I got a magnetic name tag with my name and company name on it to wear to events.
  • Purchased some “business clothing” I love shorts and T-shirts, but knew I needed slacks and blouses for networking.
  • ALWAYS have business cards with me at networking events: right pocket my cards, left pocket cards I get from others.
  • Became an active member of the Chambers weekly Lunch Leads group.
  • Picked up the phone and followed up with the leads I got.
  • Brought balloon decor to the meeting for people to experience the decor in person – this is marketing.
  • Served as a committee member for Chamber Events, and would STRETCH the small dollars they had for events.
  • Providing decor at Chamber events (at a discount) gave me exposure I needed. It paid for the supply cost and key people did see the decor I could create. PLEASE NOTE: I’m not saying give everything away for free when you get started. I was very selective of when and where I would do decor at a discount. It allowed me to build my portfolio and get people to be FANS of my work!
  • The right Raving Fans will serve as ambassadors for you and tell everyone they know about what you can do!

RAVING FANS of your balloon decor become your marketing team – that you don’t have to pay!

Daily, I hear from balloon professionals that they got into balloon decor because it fills their creative outlet, that they love how they feel when they create something special for a client. They LOVE being creative. It is very rare I talk to someone who says, “Joette, I got into balloons because I saw the huge potential to make great money because there is a HUGE profit margin in balloons”!

Why am I bringing up this point? Because I care deeply about our industry. I see that Balloon Decor is being asked for more and more, it’s appearance on TV commercials, TV shows and social media gives such a boost to our visual decor! NOW the question is are you ready to jump into SALES mode and MAKE the $$ you should for creating it? was created to provide YOU the person who is unsure of the next step for your business a resource to learn from those of us who have been in your shoes, and are IN YOUR SHOES to share how we have grown and leaped over the hurdles that small business owners face.

One of the people in our industry that I know is not afraid of sales is Chad Johnson, of IC balloons in Iowa! He recently posted this photo that I love from an event!

When I made a comment on the photo on Facebook, Chad shared the following information.

Thank you Joette Meyers Giardina! My connections which I made through #ballooncoach‘s webinar series was pivotal to this job. So many contributors,#chrispotts #tommydelorenzo #eddieheyland and more!

And how did I get this big gig? Door to door promotions for my Giant Balloon Pit last year. I turned a guy I met into a raving fan, over videos like the #ConradtheUnicorn video I took and#BalloonsbyTommy ‘s amazing parade video!

Turned into a $5k+ job a few months later. And now have two champions, one hired me for this gig and the other is her husband, the guy I originally spoke to so many months ago.

Thank you for bringing me on as an instructor for Chicago and #ppp2017 I’m very excited to teach what I’ve been doing, learning how to take my networking, sales and parading experience and make the monies, while having fun!!!!

If SALES is not a strong suit for you, I strongly encourage you to do everything you can to join us in Chicago this summer! workshops are UNIQUE, as our focus is not on how to make balloons…it’s on How to Make the MOST MONEY from your balloon business!

June 21st 2017, 3 Dynamic Instructors for Chicago Classes (open to everyone, Get your seat now over half the 25 spots have sold)

(Note…we will NOT be inflating balloons in these classes! We will be focusing on Inflating the $$$ in your Bank Account)

Chad Johnson, IC Balloons, Creating the Opportunity. Chad shares key points from over 20 years of Sales Experience!

Dianna Glandon, Above the Rest Event Designs, Create Your Life Vision Board Workshop

Mindy Neal, Digital Marketing Strategist, How to Generate Leads and Sales from Facebook.

Best Value is to purchase all 3 classes to save $25. Register here

June 22nd to 25th, 2017

Parade Promotions & Profits with Balloons by Tommy

If you are ready to be inspired by a home based business that has grown their sales to over $330,000 a year and still growing you do not want to miss working side by side with the Dynamic Team of Tommy & Scott DeLorenzo!

Through the 3 days of training we inflate thousands of balloons to give you hands on experience working side by side with Tommy DeLorenzo, Scott DeLorenzo, Eddie Heyland, Dianna Glandon and Joette Giardina all sponsored by Balloon Coach. Thank you to our 2017 Gold Sponsors Betallic you will also work with the Kind of Latex Eddie Heyland and Conrad’s creator Carolynn Hayman!

We mix hands on balloon build and sit down behind the scenes business classes so that you can LEAVE inspired to move your company to the next level! CHECK OUT THE DETAILS

PS we will go on a Tour of the Balloons by Tommy Headquarters on Friday night and have dinner at their lovely home to see how they set up their work stations and see the systems of how they inflated the volume of balloons from a home based business. This night is a time to network and relax after 2 full days of inflating and gear up for the full day of inflation on Saturday! Sunday we hit the streets of Chicago to hear 1 Million people CHEER for our Massive Balloon Display…the feeling is indescribable!

A word from the King of Latex, Eddie Heyland!

Still unsure if you should join us in Chicago?

Meet our wonderful team and hear from them what you should expect

Recording of our Live Q & A webinar for Chicago 2017

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Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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