Creating New Balloon Customers for Valentine’s Day

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Creating New Balloon Customers for Valentine’s Day

The month of LOVE is a great time for balloon sales if you make a plan and take action!

You SELL what you SHARE

  • Create balloon designs that you want to sell, post them on your website, social media and in email to your past clients and mailing list with a call to action when they need to order by.
  • Call target clients and let them know what services you are offering and close the sale!
  • Take action today!

Potential Decor Clients:

  • Father Daughter Dances being held at local schools or churches
  • Car Dealership
  • Retail stores wanting to draw in customers
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Restaurants that host romantic dinners

Decor inspiration from a TV appearance Sandi Masori of Balloon Utopia did with a puffed Link Heart – big and makes a great backdrop for photos or decor in a large space.

Can be rigged from the ceiling with a clik clik mag pole and large ring magnets.

For Directions on how to make this heart click this link to The Very Best Balloon Blog by Sue Bowler CBA

Another resource for design ideas is and register to gain access to the b-gallery and type Valentine’s Day.

One of my favorite sleek columns is topped with a Chain of Hearts. I created these for a Valentine’s Day Dance at a local church years ago!

Delivery Ideas

If you don’t have access to helium – no problem when you focus on air filled delivery pieces.

You can go bright and bold or traditional Valentine’s Colors. P.S. People celebrate birthday’s in February and all year long, you don’t have to limit yourself to marketing just for Valentine’s Day in February.

Rachel Porter from Balloon Splendor started her balloon business as as single mom, delivering lovely balloon flower bouquets from her home. Here are two of her lovely sellable designs. Pick colorful containers from your balloon distributor or a local retailer to fill with your beautiful balloons. Choose from clay and plastic pots, tins, gift boxes, baskets or vases.

Another delivery idea that I created while at Florida Super Jam are simple Heart Roses, and they you can put in a container or wrap with 160’s. With any arrangement you make you want to add some weight to them so that the piece stands up well. 6 inch hearts, and a 260 with 2 pinch twist make really cute arrangements. I used 3 stacked at different heights to make a fun design for your customers to show how much they love the recipient. You can create a variety of designs to offer, but keep it simple and clear messaging to make ordering easy for your customers.

***Make sure to charge well for you time and include the delivery fee if you are delivering the items. If you have a store you can set up for pick up in the store = remember to protect yourself and get paid IN ADVANCE before making any arrangements. Florist get paid BEFORE they make their designs and so should you!

Valentine’s Day can be a great time for sales for the balloon industry -but you have to make a plan, set pricing for profit and take action now to educate your customers and land the sales. If you wait till Feb 1st you may only catch a few folks last minute…start your marketing now!

Would you like to have more structure to your marketing for your business?

Do you struggle with Pricing for Profit?

Do you wish you had a larger portfolio of Balloon photos to use in your marketing?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Sandi Masori will be holding her last 5 week, Live Online Balloon Business Bootcamp starting February 1oth.

Learn how to jumpstart your balloon business from “America’s Top Balloon Expert” Sandi Masori, “Balloon Coach” Joette Giardina, and “Queen of Pricing” Rachel Porter

Check out the details and grab your seat today

Bonus Instructors during one of the weeks of balloon business bootcamp will join us to inspire you with the amazing possibilities of balloons Award winning designers and industry legends, Rocky & Terry Toomey check out this amazing NYE balloon drop they orchestrated

The balloon industry is Booming!

If you want to make growth in your business, make an investment in your education from resources inside and outside the balloon industry. If you struggle with knowing what the best next step is for your business email me to set up a free 10 minute consultation of where you are and where you want to be to help you find the best training to fit your situation!

Are you thinking about setting up a Kiosk in a Mall?

Know that sales have been down in malls due to online shopping, you could lose a lot of money if you have a high overhead investment to be at the mall. To make mall sales work you must have a strong campaign to get people to the mall to pick up their items from you…DO NOT think that just because you go to a mall you will automatically have a ton of customers. Learn tips and tricks to increase your sales from our past webinar speaker replay you can purchase the replay on it’s own or purchase Balloon Boss Mastermind to have access to all our past webinars plus the balloon boss support program Mary Lou Kunka, Increase Your Seasonal and Holiday Sales

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Email with any questions you may have.

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