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Stay Off Ladder While Making Balloons

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How to stay off ladders while decorating the ceiling with balloons. 
There is something magical about walking into a room with balloon chandeliers, especially when you don’t have to use a ladder to install them!

Click here for training on using  the clik-clik magnetic system. 
One of my favorite tools since 2003 to keep my feet on the ground is Clik-Clik magpole, mag mover and magnets.    These items can be purchased from most balloon distributors.  The video above gives you tips on selling ceiling decor.

Bring your clients theme to life with foil balloons installed with the Clik-Clik Magnetic system.

If you had to go up and down on a ladder to a 19 foot ceiling, to put up every balloon individually you would have to do the install before the tables and chairs are set.  One of the great things about a magpole is that you can work around the tables and chairs while they are being set. 

Everytime you go up and down a ladder you are taking the risk of twisting an ankle.  Keeping your feet planted safe on the ground as your balloon decor go up to the ceiling with your magpole helps reduce risk of injury to you and your staff. 

Each year at Balloon Boss Summit in Orlando, we create sellable balloon decor with our delegates to share photos for use in marketing balloon designs to their potential clients.  This elegant night in Paris Prom theme was created by our delegates. 

Linking chandeliers were made with Semptertex 6 inch links attached to an 18 inch balloon.  Let your creativity run wild to fill the ceiling with beautiful balloons! 

If you learn best from small group, hands on training you are invited to invest in attending Balloon Boss Summit.  We have a team of 31 diverse instructors to help you take the next step in building your thriving balloon business.

Seating is LIMITED;  you don’t want to get stuck on the wait list! 

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