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Facebook for Your Balloon Business

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Serena Waller from Delegate & Elevate  is back this week to give us some insights on Facebook for your balloon business! (Note: If you’re just joinging the series, be sure to start at the beginning here: Best Social Media Platforms for Balloon Businesses).

The key with social media is to make sure things are up to date and show you are in business.   Many times our balloon boss mastermind members ask what to focus on as they make updates to their Facebook business page – after you read the following tips go to your page and take action on what you have learned.

What many of us in the social media management stratosphere would call the “OG” of social media, Facebook has its share of pros and cons when it comes to marketing your business.  Facebook still has an incredible number of users worldwide, but over the recent years, usership for certain demographics has dropped off significantly. Between allegations of censorship to breach of privacy, many have jumped the proverbial ship.  

BUT, Facebook is still incredible for the 35+ population and a hot-spot for many local businesses.  People will often hop over to a businesses’ Facebook page to check for updates before they check their website. They will also share status updates and engage in your content more readily. And if you’re in a rural geography, Facebook is likely still the most prevalent social media platform

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Here are my top tips for using Facebook for your balloon business: 

  • Update your photo albums!   Look at your albums in the same way that you look at a portfolio page on your website. Group by event, installation type, colors and even locations.  
  • Share your specials! Whether it is an upcoming event or a specific balloon style you’re like to push, be sure to share that on your timeline regularly. Use their creator studio to pre-schedule these updates so you don’t get busy and forget.
  • Share your “menu” – this can be done in an album, as well as on your main page and “pinned” to top, so it’s the first post someone sees when they visit your profile. 
  • Accept appointments and/or bookings. Facebook has a ton of amazing integrations now, making it easier than ever for people to pay you! You can set this up in your “settings.”
  • Share collaborations. Facebook loves photos and videos (ideally ones that are shared directly on their site, instead of links that take them out of the platform). So when you collaborate with others (especially those you can tag), share it! 
  • Set an automated away” or “welcome” message with key information for you people who utilize the messenger feather. 
  • Ask for opinions. Facebook is THE platform for people who like to talk (yes, the good, the bad, and the ugly too). If you need to “crowdsource” information Facebook is an amazing resource! 
  • Cross-post your content from Instagram.  If you do nothing else, cross-post content from other platforms to Facebook. This keeps your page “up-to-date” but can also push viewers to the platforms you prefer. 

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Love or hate Facebook, it’s still a powerful platform for your balloon business! I hope these ideas and tips will help you to leverage the platform to market your offers and keep your customers up-to-date on the latest in your business.

In my next post, we’ll discuss using Pinterest for your balloon business needs. Stay tuned! 


Your Partner in Success,
Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.


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