Get the Most from your Balloon Convention Experience!

Joette Giardina

Joette Giardina

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

Get the Most from your Balloon Convention Experience!

When taking time away from your business to go to a balloon convention, you wish to get the most bang for your buck! is looking forward to being a sponsor at FLOAT in St. Louis, Twist & Shout in Kissimmee, and have been serving as a part of the planning committee for Ballooniversity 2017 in Athens, GA. Ballooniversity is a Balloon Convention that only happens every 5 years!

It is no secret that I enjoy attending conventions and classes in the balloon industry. 2017 is going to be an amazing year for training and classes! It surprises me sometimes how many people call or message me with questions about the upcoming conventions. I realize that most are so busy that they do not schedule time to read the information on the websites. I wanted to share some tips to make the most out of your time at convention and look forward to seeing many of YOU at the upcoming events!

Know what is your personal reasons for attending? What do you want to gain from the convention?

Rejuvenate, currently feeling a bit burnt out.

Learn a specific technique that you want to use for your clients.

Increase marketing skills.

Find out how others are able to keep a consistent schedule booked.

Not really sure – people I want to hang out are going, so I signed up too!

Making the Most from the Experience:

Go to the website of the event and READ the details.

Check out the Schedule when are the classes, bonus or master classes, awards banquet etc.

PRINT out the description of classes and the class schedule NOW at home so you can take time to review and compare, so when debating on 2 classes that are at the same time you can see the different benefits. (Join me for a FREE webinar on Tuesday, January 3rd for insights on how to select the best classes to fit your needs Click here to register for free webinar link )

If you are wanting to build in a bit of relaxation around the event, book your travel to allow a few days to site see and explore before or after the event.

READ the details of the website for the convention to know the extras – like what to wear to the awards banquet etc.

Schedule someone to answer the business phone and emails for you, if at all possible, so you can be fully invested in the convention. If you are the one that will still have to handle that, look at the schedule and set a time of day you will do follow ups so that you can be focused in as many classes as possible.

Take advantage of hands on experiences! Working along side other designers is a great way to learn new techniques or a way to do things more efficiently. Volunteer to help with decor for the event, or to serve on a large team build.

Spend your meal time eating with different people. The industry is full of amazing folks. Expand your network and meet some new folks.

Select your classes with intent

Join us Tuesday, January 3rd Noon EST for a live Q & A and insights on “How to select my classes for convention” Click here to register for free webinar link With FLOAT and Twist & Shout just around the corner, many times we would like to go to all the classes and it’s just not possible.

Print out the classes, and meet me on the call and I’ll walk you through the process. I have helped people with choosing their classes for years!

YES the free mini-webinar will be recorded and I’ll post it on YouTube if you are unable to join us live!

Take Time to Visit the Vendor Room

Many vendors have specials or can let you know about the services they offer – take time to meet them!

Come by booth for specials. All current monthly subscribers get a ticket in the drawing. All new members will also receive a ticket for a drawing for Wednesday afternoon at 3:15 pm in the vendor room.

To Compete or Not Compete?

FLOAT deadline to register to compete is December 31st 2016

I have competed individually and won two 1st place awards at FLOAT for freestyle and miniature sculpture. It was fun to take an idea and put it together to stretch myself.

Some of my best memories from balloon conventions is being a part of friends large sculpture teams to help them make their vision come to life. They were all wonderful experiences! Being in the competition area you learn from your team new techniques, ways to be efficient (as you are typically under a time crunch to get things done), and it’s neat to see “the behind the scenes” of the other competitors sculptures.

Some enjoy having the title of “Award Winning Designer” to put in their bio for clients and press releases etc. Others enjoy the challenge of doing something new and creating a design they have always dreamed of making.

When you plan to compete, know you will need to set time aside to plan and prepare. The larger the sculpture, the more time to prepare!

Volunteer and Network!

Every convention has hands on experiences available to create the decor for the events, help teachers prep for their classes, and in general help out and pitch in. It’s great when you show clients photos of Large projects that you helped complete at the event. These opportunities allow you to work alongside other people, build new friendships and build a network of balloon professionals that you can turn to after you leave the convention. The friendships I have formed since 2003, are now some of my dearest friends.

Currently struggling to decide which events to go to, since you’re unable to attend all of them? Write down the areas you feel you need the most help and guidance with for your business. Feel free to send me an email and I’d be glad to help you through the decision process!

Want to have an amazing workshop experience in 2017?

If you are looking for an intensive hands on experience, in a workshop environment, work side by side with the dynamic duo of Balloons by Tommy with Tommy and Scott DeLorenzo. Hands on experience and instruction, key information on how the company has grown over the years, daily networking lunch, Friday night tour of their home based business, and networking dinner at their home. Experience 1 million people cheering for the balloons on Sunday at the parade. It is indescribable feeling everyone’s joy and excitement! Join us in Chicago, June 22nd – 25th 2017 Parade Promotions &Profits

For more support and ongoing training go to

Wishing you an exciting 2017 full of learning!

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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