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How to Create a 6-figure Balloon Business

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Ever wonder how to grow into a 6-figure balloon business? One of our Balloon Boss Mastermind members recently shared in our Balloon Business Start Up FaceBook group how she has achieved just that. Betty Jo Schneider, Owner of Designs by Jo Jo Creations, had this to share.   

If your looking to grow your business and learn from many other balloon artist like yourself, I highly recommend joining BALLOON BOSS MASTERMIND AND GO TO THE SUMMIT it was the BEST DECISION I MADE!!!
Last year, I decided I wanted to do something different and fell in love with balloons and decorating for events. After attending the Balloon Boss Summit in November 2021 I learned so much about the balloon business I gained confidence in myself and in my business.
Betty Jo Schneider Balloon Boss Journey

I started in my basement and now moving to a warehouse in August. I have 9 employees and already made over 6 FIGURES AND GETTING READY TO GET MY SECOND VEHICLE this year  None of this could have been possible with Joette Meyers Giardina, Balloon boss Mastermind and MY TRIBE…

Check out my page and see how my company has grown in less than a year!
There is a video posted in the Balloon Business Startup group that is what my house looks like by the end of day on Thursday every week, when I move into the warehouse I will be able to do more jobs per week.

Thank you, JoJo for sharing your story with the Balloon Coach community. You’re an inspiration and true example of what you can accomplish with the right training, support, and a lot of dedicated, hard work!

If you are attending Summit 2022, be sure to say hello as we are excited that JoJo will be joining us again this year! If you have not grabbed your spot for November, what are you waiting for? All the information you need to know about Balloon Boss Summit can be found HERE.  

Steps to create a 6-figure balloon business

1. Write a goal of what income you wish to create from your balloon business

2.  Invest in training to save time and money in the building process

3.  Set realistic expectations, understanding that building a solid income from a balloon business takes an investment of time and money

4.  Takeconsistent action on what you learn.  

5.  Ask for help when needed turning to business building resources in your community and in the balloon industry

6.  Support, surround yourself with those with an entrepreneurial spirit 

7.  Teamwork makes the dream work, hire your weaknesses from book-keeping to online marketing.

8.  Focus on progress over perfection

9.  Dream big and go for it!

As a balloon business owner you wear a lot of hats at first surrounding yourself with others that are on the same journey can help you succeed faster.

I invite you to join us in Balloon Boss Mastermind for a Month “kick the tires” and you are welcome to stay with us as long as you like for ongoing training and support to put systems in place to develop the profitable business you dream of.

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