How to find quality balloons

How to find Quality Balloons

Part of being a balloon professional is using high quality balloons that you can feel confident in using and will last well for your clients.

Not all balloons are created equal.  There are many balloons created that are simply made to be the cheapest, often they are thin and are not made to last for a long period of time, to work well with helium, or to withstand being on display outdoors.

Today I’m going to share the 3 main manufacturers of balloons that I have used the most. YES there are many other reliable balloons in the industry also, but I’m starting with the ones I have had the most experience with since starting in the balloon industry full time in 2003.   I will share more in future blogs about other companies.  If you have a brand you really love email me the details at and we will check it out!

When making your living from balloons you want to use a product that you can

  • Easily get from suppliers with short ship times to you
  • A balloon that you can depend on to work well
  • A balloon that looks great for your client

Another thing that I like about the following three companies I’m sharing today  is that they have instructors who provide training around the world to help our industry grow!

In alphabetical order here we go! For each manufacturer you will find a hotlink to their website and to their distributor list to find the closest distributors near you!


Anagram is known most for their WIDE variety of foil balloons.


decorator foils by anangram


They have a wide variety of decorator foils that in include Curves, Crescents, Orbz, Cubez, Diamondz and much much more!

To find a list of distributors go to



Betallic offers both Foil and Latex Designs.


Betallatex is the latex packaging in the US – when you flip over the bag you will see that the balloons are Sempertex

to find their distributors go to



Qualatex offers Foil Balloons, Bubble balloons and latex


If you would like to have an opportunity to work with balloons from all three of these manufacturers, working side by side with 9 wonderful instructors join us for Promotions & Profits Retreat in Orlando November 12 – 16th 2018!



Your Partner in Success,


Joette Giardina, CBA

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