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How to Hire Trained Balloon Designers for Large Events

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How to hire trained balloon designers for large events.

In our last blog we introduced you to Sharon Partrick, a solo balloon business owner, who had 2 large casino installations for New Year’s Eve that she felt confident to bid on thanks to the connections she made at Balloon Boss Summit.  If you missed that blog check out  Increase Confidence for Large Balloon Installations

Sharon found out at Balloon Boss Summit that many skilled balloon designers are willing to travel to work for other companies on larger projects, to help you pull off events you would not be able to complete on your own.

Photo of Jules Perkovic

Jules Perkovic (owner of Party Perks STL in St. Louis, Missouri) has worked with several other companies including Balloon Masters Buffalo & Amazing Balloons NC,  and has set a goal to hike in all 50 states.   

She would love opportunities to work in Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Montanta, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Norrh Dakota, Minnesota, Lousianna, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan, Maine, Alaska, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut.  

Photo of Jules Perkovic with "Live a Great Story" flag. Jules owns Party Perks STL in St. Louis, MO

Jules has a vibrant personality and loves to help balloon friends exceed their clients expectations.  To contact Jules email

Photo of Gary Ledbetter and team - owner of Dynamite Magic & Balloons in Montgomery AL

Sometimes we get asked to create special effects like balloon drops, pop drops or giant sculptures that we are unsure how to rig or make the  framing for.   Never fear –  Gary Ledbetter can be near!

Gary Ledbetter owner of Dynamite Magic & Balloons lives in Montgomery, Alabama and is known as the MacGyver of Balloons. (Definition of “MacGyver”: make or repair (an object) in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand).

Photo of Gary Ledbetter in an airplane made of balloos

When you need someone to serve on your team to make your clients dreams reality, contact Gary at

Photo of giant balloon dove created by Melissa Vinson

Have you ever had a client say they want a design that you don’t know if you can pull off the details to make it look as good as the client wants? 

Melissa Vinson, founder of MelRhea Balloons in Paducah, Kentucky is one of the top balloon designers in our industry.   She has won Designer of the Year twice, once in Las Vegas at Balloon Camp and the 2nd time at FLOAT in St. Louis Missouri. 

After becoming an award winning designer Melissa has traveled to several countries to participate on large installations and teach.  She serves on the Balloon Boss Summit team as our Balloon Photo Stylist as she has a excellent eye for details! 

Photo of Gary Ledbetter and Melissa Vinson

These are just three of the balloon professionals that I know who are willing to travel to work on balloon projects.   There are many more who can help you take on those large projects even if you typically work by yourself. 

How do I figure out how much money to put in myclients budget to be able to bring in another artist?

  • Travel  cost
  • Hotel Cost
  • Food 

Then find out the daily or project compensatoin by  speaking directly to the designer you would like to work with. 

If they are coming in just to be a hired hand and make your project happen, that fee is lower than if you wish for them to use their expertise to preplan out the designs and logistics. 

When you need help finding a balloon pro to work with you ask in our facebook groups or email

You can start building relationships inside of Balloon Boss Mastermind online or join us live at Balloon Boss Summit to increase your professional network.

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