How to reach your goals as a Balloon Business Owner

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Today my friend I encourage you to put on your Balloon Boss Mindset.

It’s Monday a fresh opportunity to start the week on track taking one step forward to reach your next goal.
Instead of saying, I will try

Write a note in your journal, thrive guide or sticky note that states what you truly want with an I will or I am statement. (not I will try)

Meet Sharita Mathis Richardson, photo from Summit 2019

Her post from Balloon Coach Community:

“I rarely share much, but I woke up this morning with the intention to post this. Almost 2 years ago I attended Summit after only being in business six months and it completely changed my business and life. Not only in two years did I start and grow a successful balloon business but I tapped into a side of me that was dormant for so long, creativity.

Leaving Summit I was l very clear about my target customer…..schools and universities. Although I took on other jobs as a way to survive social distancing, I kept my eye on the prize.

Tomorrow, I will proudly sign a contract for my largest gig to date. My company will officially become the event decor provider for a local universities’ football games for the entire season, this includes home and away games.

We will be responsible for the decor for every aspect of the game including the entrances, suites, alumni events, brunches, welcome events, etc. This deal will officially push my company over the 200K mark for this year and we still have a quarter to go.

Although I will not be in attendance this year, I encourage those who need clarity about your business and life to invest. You won’t regret it.
Party of 5 Eventz

Congratulations Sharita! Here story can be your story when you get clear on what you want, invest in training and then apply that training to your life.”

Photos from my visit to her shop in July 2021

When we write a powerful statement our words become what we believe.

What we believe we take action on.

What we take action on becomes our new reality.

  • Monitor what you say in your head and what you write.
  • Make them what you want to be:
  • I am confident in making the sale.
  • I will purchase a delivery van in ______months from balloon sales.
  • I will increase my sales by 10% over last month.
  • I attract my target clients with my excellent customer service and follow up.
  • What ever you want write it down!

Do one thing today your future self will thank you for!

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