Making Balloon Business Dreams Reality!

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Making Balloon Business Dreams Reality!

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Have you ever wished you had a magic wand to make your dreams reality? I know I sure have.

In 2003 when I started my full time career as a balloon business owner, I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into.

Here was the DREAM

  • Work from home to have time to spend with my daughter Marlee who was 4 at the time.
  • Have family dinner on the table every night for my husband who is a middle school teacher.
  • Run a successful business to replace the income I used to make as a social worker.
  • Enjoy a work/life balance to have lots of quality time with my family.

Here was the REALITY

  • To be able to talk on the phone with customers and service their needs, Marlee went to daycare.
  • If Brian wanted dinner on the table he needed to pick up the groceries and cook the food!
  • At first there were times I didn’t know how I was going to pay the electric bill, but eventually I exceeded my income as a social worker.
  • If my family wanted to see me they needed to come work with me on installations in the evenings and on weekends.

Why am I sharing this information with you today? If you are brand new the balloon industry or working on making a transition from part time to full time I want to make sure you know that there is a lot of WORK behind running a business. There is no magic wand — the MAGIC comes when you write down your goals and get moving in the right direction. Then it takes a lot of time and action on your part to make those dreams come true.

Here is the good news, if I can build a balloon business I know you can too with the proper support. In January of 2015 I sold my business to another local company so that I could focus on launching Now I focus the majority of my time to create the resources and support systems that I wish I would of had back in 2003 when I jumped into the balloon industry with both feet! The exciting part is my deal in selling the company was I wanted to stay an active member of the company to help with the transition so the company could grow, and continue to do what I love which is network and interact with the community that needs our decor services. I now have the pleasure of serving as the marketing manager and as needed crew leader for Johnathon Gerber as he grows Party People Events – part of Twisted Artz LLC balloon business to over $500,000 a year in gross sales and continuing to grow!

Now you know my story, I would like to share a bit about another growing balloon business that many admire the work of.

Cody Williams, CBA, Cody’s Red Balloon, Midland, Texas.

I met Cody at Ballooniversity over 10 years ago. I remember seeing his photos online – a mix of floral and balloons with amazing style!

Cody is a trained floral designer, and at the time was working for a florist, creating balloon decor from time to time for displays and events. Over the years Cody has attended many balloon classes and workshops including both Parade Promotions & Profits classes in Chicago, hosted by Balloons by Tommy.

Cody went from creating balloon decor as a part time venture while working in the floral industry to now jumping in with both feet to make his business soar working Cody’s Red Balloon full time! He now has a van he is filling full of amazing decor on a regular basis.

I asked Cody what has helped him take the leap from working for someone else to having his own business.

“The education from Balloon Coach, workshops, and conventions have help me grow my business where today I can see that I am able to make it on my own. Running your business full time is a lot of work and very rewarding. Hearing instructors who have a very successful business and how they got to that point in their life where they said, “it’s time to take my hobby and turn it into reality, their dream,” it’s really inspiring. Business classes are usually not enjoyable but they are what take you to the next level and set you apart from others.”

I’m delighted that Cody will now be a part of our Promotions & Profits teaching team in November in Orlando.

Thank you to our friends at HiFloat for sponsoring Cody and his creativity for the event.

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How do you know you are on the right road to make your dreams come true?

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Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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