Networking Tips -Chad Johnson in Action!

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Networking Tips – Chad Johnson in Action!

What tools are you using to grow your business?

Are you sitting at your computer just waiting for the phone to ring?

Does the thought of going to a networking meeting make you break out in a cold sweat and make you picture yourself standing in a corner with no one to talk to?

Do you have a list of potential clients you would like to reach out to but have NO idea how to get past the “gatekeeper” The receptionist that says that the person you are trying to contact “is not available”

Do you have creative ideas you want to find “just the right customer for” but have NO idea who to contact?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, or just want to spend time with a person who has over 20 years of Sales experience then you want to join us in Chicago in June to learn from Chad!

Check out this video of Chad at a Networking meeting

Did you notice the lady next to Chad was like if you have a tent, you have to have balloons! Chad has got these folks trained to be out there looking for leads for him!

What I love is that Chad really focused in on one of the members of the networking group and praised his company for the experience he had. In Sales, it’s about building relationships, not just the Used Car Salesman approach of what type of car are you going to buy from me!

When you want to build the idea of people buying from YOU…you also need to think about what local business you are buying from. Become an active member in your community and they will give back to you!

One of the tools that helped me grow is Networking, building relationships with key people in my town to become a part of my “sales team” by referring our decor company to those who need our services.

You have an opportunity to improve your Sales tools, join us on June 21st in Itasca IL

Chad Johnson

IC Balloons

Iowa City, Iowa

Creating the Opportunity

How to find potential clients to contact

Make the Call…get the response you are looking for.

How to get past “the gatekeeper” (receptionist) and talk to the decision-maker.

Create new Clients

Click the blue Button Below for a note from Chad and meet the other two instructors teaching Great classes on Vision Boards and Generating Leads and Sales from Facebook on June 21st. Reserve the date to work ON your business.

Each class is just $50 each or for the Best Value Take all 3 for just $125…and save $25!

Chicago Classes June 21st limited to just 25 people – Reserve your seat today!

Chad will also be a part of our team for Parade Promotions & Profits Workshop.

(due to the behind the scenes nature of the event to register you must live 65 miles outside of 60106 zip code)

Details for Parade Workshop click here

If you would like to have one on one sessions to help build your skills in networking, contact me at and we can set up times that are best for you!

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