Pack like a Boss for Balloon Boss Summit Orlando!

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Pack like a Boss for Balloon Boss Summit Orlando!
Tips to make the most out of your investment!

It is never to early to prep and make the most out of your Balloon Boss Summit Experience. 

Be PRESENT even if joining us Virtually!

November 2020 Balloon Boss Summit was the first balloon hybrid training experience.  We are once again offering an online option for those unable to travel (same ticket as those attending in person)   The main classes from stage Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm will be live on line for our paid virtual attendees, and the replay will be in their member area within 24 hours after the class.

To make the most from your investment we encourage you to be PRESENT at the event, no matter if you are joining us LIVE in person in Orlando or LIVE online.

Eliminate distractions Nov 7-12, 2021 so you can be in the moment. Make time for learning from the instructors and creating your custom Success Path each day to complete the week with a plan to take action when you return home. 
(You can download the schedule from the website under Summit

 Take time now to esrablish who will be taking care of your business and family responsibilities while you are away.

Prepare to reduce distractions:

  • Assign someone to answer and respond to your business phone and email.  Write a script for them to follow, with step by step details of the customer intake process you have.
  • If you do not have a person who can answer clients calls, put a new phone message and email response that you are out of town at training to enhance the services you provide and will return messages __________. (Set a date you will return or “within 48 hours” and call during evening break. Set the deadline of when you plan to be able to get back with them).
  • Let them know how to email or fill out your contact form to save the amount of time you need to spend on the phone. 
  • Make a plan for family members or friends to take care of your kids or family while you are away.  Make sure if forms at school need to be filled out for someone new to pick up your child in case of emergency, that those are completed.
  • Set a plan with your family or loved ones when you will communicate with them – will it be phone or text and the time frame.  I found that setting the expectation in advance that I would not be able to talk during the majority of my day helped. Depending on your time zone, having a morning chat before they head to work or school or night time routine will keep you connected to meet their needs around the event schedule.
  • If you have events going on while you are away, print any paperwork you may need to follow-up with your staff on break and evening, or before class in the morning.

Balloon Boss Summit is a unique deep dive experience:

  • Instructors/mentor team share their business journey including their struggles and successes, to help save you time and money as you create your strategies, learning from others.
  • Talk real numbers and focus in on high profit decor pieces, that you can train staff to create to build a business that can run without you inflating and installing all the balloons.
  • Build a network with other balloon professionals that you can reach out to when feeling frustrated, burnt out or needing help. Networking Lunch Mon – Friday  as part of the program to increase the pool of people to support you when you return home.
  • Get a boost of energy during a time that burn out can easily happen, so you will leave motivated to rock the end of the year and start the next year fully charged!
  • Gain knowledge. Even our returning alumni and instructors who have attended with dozens of years of experience in the industry learn a new trick or procedure to make their business more efficient and increase profits.
  • Create systems for growth to improve your Balloon Boss Mindset and business structure.
  • Increase confidence in building, marketing and selling high profit balloon decor.
  • Create an exit strategy.  Think about what your end game is so you structure your business to be able to run without you so you can go on the vacations and do the activities you dream of while still earning a living. Or create a business structure that one day can be sold to someone else. 
  • Increase your focus on self-care as a balloon boss to create a business that allows you to enjoy the other aspects of your life. When you set limits within your business, you decrease the risk for burn out and improve client experiences. 
  • Leave with professional photography of all decor created to market with and a written custom plan to take action for success to grow your thriving balloon business!

Visit the Balloon Boss  Summit Website for Schedule Details & more

Important Details

The Host Hotel is:

1805 Hotel Plaza Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830 
Reservation $129 a night
With the Balloon Coach discount, you do not pay the $35 a night resort fee.  
(It will show up on your initial reservation but will be removed at check in before you pay)
How to get from the airport to hotel
(there is no hotel shuttle)
You can put the UBER app on your phone (Use our Balloon Boss Summit 2021 attendee Facebook group to see if you can share an Uber or airport shuttle with another retreat attendee to save you money).
GET Connected NOW to those coming to Summit
Balloon Boss Summit Facebook group for paid attendees and staff, send a PM to Joette Meyers Giardina on FB to be put you in the group if you do not find it on your own or email
This a place to connect with others who are coming to the event – plan a day together at Disney after the event is over or plans to go out to dinner etc. 
Hands on build classes 
Sunday, November 7th at 9 am, hands on build stations and business discussion areas open up for you to go to the areas that are most important to you.
Create  designs and inflate balloons to use in our professional photography and styled shoots for you to market with after summit.
Monday through Friday, each afternoon will be hands on builds to create high profit decor with instructor/mentors to be used in the style photo shoots. This will be used to create the Masquerade ball final night decor to market to proms, homecoming, corporate and fundraising events after Summit. 
REGISTRATION at event in the pre-function area by ballroom
BRING 2 business cards with you to registration. (If you do not have a business card, print on a piece of paper or card stock your name and the name of your business the size of a business card).
Registration opens  Sunday, November 7th at 8 am for those taking the CBA exam and 8:30 am to 7 pm for everyone else. 
If for some reason you are unable to arrive prior to 7pm on Sunday, November 7th please email our event planner Lora Gardner with the details of the time you plan to arrive so the registration desk can be prepared for you.
Subject in the email Balloon Boss Summit registration
Self parking is $15 a day at the hotel.
Each room has a Keurig, microwave and mini-fridge.
Lunch is provided Monday – Friday, and dinner Thursday night with your registration.
If you wish to have a guest for dinner Thursday night tickets are $75 each. 
If you know you are not able to attend the full event and will be missing meals or days of the event, please email  to let us know your schedule so we can plan accordingly.

You can order groceries to be delivered to the hotel or Door Dash etc. from the many local restaurants.  

What to Pack and Prep for Balloon Boss Summit

  • Hearing Protection – we will have inflation equipment running during some of the hands on portion of the workshop. If you are bothered by noise or would like to protect your hearing, bring ear plugs or noise cancelling earmuffs / headset to use during the hands on portion of class daily.
  • Swimsuit!  Typically it isin the 60s in the evening and 70s and 80’s during the day. There is a pool and hot tub outside open 7 am to 11 pm.
  • Sunglasses or hat/sunscreen if you plan to come early or stay after to enjoy the sun or sneak out during lunch break for some sunshine.
  • $$$$. You will want to have some cash and credit cards ready for meals not included. You will also have opportunities to purchase inflation equipment & courses. You can PRE-PURCHASE the inflation equipment at a discount. An email will be sent out with details.
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Be OPEN to looking at things from a different perspective. It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of, “I’ve always done it this way”. Listen to take in the training and apply some new concepts to your business.
  • Smile and connect with like minded people that you can turn to in the future for support.
  • Laptop or tablet if you have one. During round table and collaboration groups you can work directly in your computer to take action on what you are learning –  from watermarking professional photos for marketing to updating your website and much, much more.
  • CLOTHING (Pack like a Boss):
    • Sunday, Nov 7 all Current Balloon Boss Mastermind subscribers have a member only mixer outside at the pool deck. Dress for the outside temps.  We will give an update a week ahead on the forecast.
    • Opening Night Celebration Future’s So Bright, casual bright clothing like your on vacation in Florida!
    • CBA certificates will be awarded from stage with photo op
    • Monday, Nov 8  bring pants or jeans to go with your Teal Blue, Balloon Boss Summit T-shirt you will get at registration. 
    • Thursday Night Celebration theme is Masquerade Ball.  The room colors will be black, gold, silver & white. You can wear Bright colors to stand out, or dress in the decor colors. Whatever you like best!
      Dress your best – ladies in dresses or slacks; men in slacks and dress shirt or coat and tie.  We will be taking professional photography and video during the evening for you to use in marketing. 
    • During the week, typically attendees wear their logo clothing or business casual to take photos with the backdrops to use in marketing.   You will get a teal Balloon Boss Summit T-Shirt at check-in to wear to class on Monday morning for Group photos. 
    • Jacket or sweater if you tend to get cold easily.   We often have the AC on during the event and some will be warm and others will be cold so dressing in layers is wise.
    • Closed toed shoes are best during the week to protect your feet during group inflation each afternoon.
  • Themed or special outfits  if you would like to take opportunities for photos with the decor on your camera or phone. (Pair up with someone from the event and take each others photos.  This is not something you have to dress up for, but if you like in the evenings change clothes and take photos in the different Photo Ops to use in your marketing for the holidays, or special occasions).   
  • Christmas 
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Tropical 
  • Birthday deliveries
  • Black, Gold, Silver, White
  • Red, white, blue
  • Neon
  • Boho


  • Check what the size and weight requirements are for suitcases from your airline.
  • Put suitcases out at least a week in advance and start packing early so you are not rushed at the end. (The last week before a trip always seems to be crazy).
  • Hotel and air reservation typed into calendar (printed out if needed)
  • Delete photos from phone, tablet, and camera or purchase additional memory cards to have room for lots of photos!
  • Pack 130 business cards to share with others at summit.
  • Portfolio or marketing materials that you may share during lunch or evening conversations to get ideas from others on improvements you can make.
  • Bring a special baggie or container or ladies even a cosmetic bag to put all the business cards in of the people you meet. (Dollar Tree has great little zippered pouches for this purpose!)
  • Pack your POWER CORDS for all electronics (WBC 2012 Jani Blocker was nice enough to buy me a universal power cord when I left my laptop cord at home – not cheap!)
  • Pack an extension cord with multiple 3 prong plugs or power strip if you need for all your electronics
  • The lamp in your room does have 2 electric outlets and 2 USB ports on the night stand.
  • If you have back up power packs or battery for your phone,  bring all you have since you spend full days away from a power plug!
  • Hand held luggage scale you can purchase at Walmart or online, helps from extra fees at check in at your flight.
  • Chap Stick
  • Hand lotion
  • Jacket or sweater dressing in layers is good. We are in FL with the air conditioning on. Some will be cold, some hot. Have extra layers to be prepared to put on when cold.  
  • Logo clothing  or outfits you want your photo taken in to show off your brand when you take selfies. 
  • Comfortable closed toe shoes!  We will be on our feet for the hands on build all day Sunday, and every day after lunch.  Protect your feet with good shoes. 
  • At least 1 pair of scissors in your checked luggage. If you like to wear an apron during hands on builds, bring it.
  • Hand pump if you have one. Not required, but helpful during hands on sessions.
  • Notebook. It’s nice to have extra pad of paper for notes.
  • Pens – easy to lose a pen or run out of ink.
  • Highlighter if you like to highlight notes during class
  • Gum/Mints
  • Vitamins. You will  probably get a little less sleep than usual. Having an extra boost of vitamins starting the month before you come and during the event can help you feel your best.
  • Pain reliever, allergy medicine, any medications you take.
  • Travel cup or money to buy one to have beverages in class and in your room.  There is a Keurig coffee maker, microwave and small fridge in each room.
  • Travel Kleenex
  • Nail Clippers and file. With all the balloon work you are bound to break a nail!
  • Individual bottle of your favorite hand sanitizer (in checked luggage or sized for carry-on)
  • Work out clothes if you would like to hit the hotel gym or sidewalks for a wake up or end of the day workout.
  • FILES for the weeks events, if you are running crews while you are away and plan to be in touch with them. Email the information to yourself if you wish to review.
  • IF at all possible plan for a full 8 hours of sleep night before your flight. Once you get to Orlando it is easy to lose track of time and be up in the lobby talking to a new friend til all hours of the night and morning!
  • Favorite granola bars, nuts, dried fruit etc. as many times you don’t take time to eat because you are visiting with people. Good to keep your energy level up.
  • Leave room in your suitcase for the materials from our sponsors you will get a bag from Balloon Coach  with some small items in it. Plus there is shopping available at Disney Springs (walking distance from host hotel) for some Disney themed Christmas gifts and other upscale shopping.

TIPS While at Balloon Boss Summit

When you meet someone you do not know – take a photo of them holding their name tag by their face so you remember their name when you get home.

Get connected on Facebook and Instagram while you are there.

Eat meals with different people. It’s great to see old friends, but make some new ones too!

IF you are not an outgoing person and have a hard time meeting new people, ask one of our team to introduce you to a few folks!


Lunch Monday – Friday is a part of your paid registration.

Dinner Thursday night included in your registration, with music and fun.

Show on Social Media that you are attending Industry Training!

  • Post on Social media you are attending the event (let your customers know you are continuing your education.) #BalloonCoach 
  • Friends and clients LOVE to see that you are investing in your business and fun photos of your travels keep people interested in your business!
  • Please post thank you messages, and send a note of thanks to the instructors that give you those ah-ha moments (without giving away the training you paid to learn).
  • As you post photos in the future of jobs you land, or increased income from what you learn give a shout out and tag the instructors and Balloon Coach.

Social Distancing Guidelines

We will be following the policies of Disney Springs Holiday Inn Orlando in reference to wearing a mask at the time of the event.  As of July 30th, 2021 their policy is for all guest and employees to wear a mask while inside. 

  • We will be following the Orlando Guidelines
  • We have rented all of the conference area at the host hotel
  • Mask inside convention and main hotel spaces will be based on the guidelines for Disney resorts at time of event.
  • Networking lunch option to eat inside or outside by the pool you can choose to eat on your own or network.

If you are reading this and not registered for Balloon Boss Summit  yet click here for details, schedule, staff, hotel reservations and grab your spot to take your business to the next level.  

I hope this gets you excited to pack like a boss! Our dream team looks forward to spending a week with you in Orlando!

Your Partner in Success,

Joette Giardina, CBA

Mentor. Motivator. Speaker.

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