Is your Passion for balloons paying you what you want?

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Is your Passion for balloons paying you what you want?

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I think about this question often as I talk with wonderful balloon professionals I meet online and at conventions, most recently WBC.

Take a minute and review this list -why do you have or want to have a Balloon Business?

  • A way for your to express your creative side by creating beautiful balloon decor
  • Earn extra money on evenings and weekends apart from your current career
  • Escape from the current job you have and do not find passion in
  • You looked at the business of balloons are realized there is a huge earning potential and want to build a solid business and full time income
  • You wanted to create a company that was large to help others earn money as you grow your business
  • You just like balloons

None of these answers are WRONG, but it’s important to know WHY you are in the balloon business. If it is to create an income…do not sell yourself short you are now a Business owner, pay yourself well!

If you are NEW to the industry, or do your balloon business part time PLEASE do not under value yourself. I see this mistake daily, that when people ask about pricing or I see pricing on line MANY people make the mistake of not paying themselves enough for their time. IF you are in a 8-5 job setting and you get paid $15 an hour in that job….YOU MUST pay yourself MORE than $15 an hour doing balloons as you are now a Business owner, not the employee! You now have overhead cost and much much more to think about to go into your rates. It’s not just the cost of the bag of balloons and an hour of your time. If you have been in the industry a long time — have you given yourself a raise for all your experience?

Click here for a free mini webinar with Steps to Determine the value you place on your time.

Being a business owner is a huge task. I purchased Party People back in 2003 in Lakeland Florida, I really had know idea what I was getting myself into other than I wanted to be my own boss and I love transforming rooms with Balloon Decor and I was good at planning events.

I INVESTED in myself and my business from the start:

Member of the Chamber of Commerce

Member of NAWBO

Member of ABWA

Went to Leads group meetings

Attended small business seminars

Attended every Balloon Class and Convention I could get to

Member of to learn from other balloon professionals before the days of Facebook it was the only way to connect online with other balloon people.


I’m not talking about do you spend hours on line seeing what other people are doing and asking questions in forums.

To build a strong business, you need a strong foundation. The balloon industry is FULL of classes, workshops, webinars and conventions. To give you an overview of some of them click here

If you are not sure where to start email tell me about yourself and what you want to focus on and I will be glad to send you some ideas.

TIME goes by so fast these days, with modern technology we have access to so many resources 24/7 it’s important to write down a plan and vision for your training and where you want your business to be 1 year, 5 years 10 years down the road.

Find local business resources to help you grow as a business and network in your area.

On our Webinar with Colin Myles, Designing for Profit, he said he goes to Every Training that he can…he strives to be an Expert at what he does. By knowing different techniques in the industry, and doing them well helps with his efficiency to then be paid more per hour for his work, because he can create things quicker than someone who is not as skilled. I thought that was a great tip! Our industry is a combination of knowing how to create solid balloon decor, and then there is the BUSINESS part of running a business and it’s important to focus on both aspects.

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I want to let you know about a couple resources you might not be aware of:

Get a monthly dose of inspiration from fellow balloon artist? Check out our monthly Ezine Elevated.Events you can sign up for free subscription under the publication on the landing page to have it sent to you each month! (Subscribe by May 31st and be entered for a chance to win 1 of 3 1 year of Free Webinars from!

I am really excited that Amy Bible is going to be joining me in Chicago on June 22nd for a one day workshop Elevate Your Balloon Business. I encourage you to make plans to attend. Amy Bibles sole family income has been balloons for 23 years in Denver Colorado. When WBC was there I toured her home based business. She LOVES the business aspect of balloons, creating professional proposals to land high budget clients, including One annual repeat event for $100,000!

Many people have asked me if I could hook them up to work with Balloons by Tommy in Chicago (when they saw me post pictures of being on their New Year’s Eve crew for 3 years) To learn the systems they use to prepare for large events, how they have increased their sales twice in the last 2 years, and to find out how they create their wonderful designs!.

This is Your opportunity for Behind the scenes business tips and hands on training June 23 – 25th! Join 5 wonderful instructors as we work with Anagram, Betallic and Qualatex balloons to build balloons for the Chicago Pride parade on Sunday June 26th. Read the details of Parade Promotions & Profits this class is set for you to have a plan of action for when you return home to make money from the designs and skills you learn – it’s not just about parades!

If you struggle in knowing what to do next or just need a partner to walk along the journey with you as a Mentor and Cheerleader – that’s what is for. I enjoy walking with my clients and giving insight to their situation to help Elevate your business to the next level!

Thanks to Social Media the balloon business is really booming! You are in the right place at the right time. Take your passion, invest in yourself and you will thrive!

Your Partner in Success,

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