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She’s bringing back more social media secrets this week! Serena Waller from Delegate & Elevate  gives us some insights on Pinterest for your balloon business! If you have missed the start of this series, I encourage you to start at the #1 social media platform for growing balloon businesses – Instagram. You can view that post here: INSTAGRAM

After you have reviewed that, then work your way to this awesome information on Pinterest! The KEY to social media is to do well on a platform and be consistent so PLEASE do not try to jump into everything at one time.   
If you have a handle on Instagram and facebook, then jump into Pinterest:

So, you’ve been feeling the pull to incorporate Pinterest marketing into your business, but you aren’t even sure where to start.  Let’s break down the WHY behind Pinterest and then a quick overview on the various functions and areas. I’ll then give you some action steps to get you started. (This is a multi-post series, so we’ll take it in baby steps to keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the platform’s possibilities!).


While Pinterest is often thrown into the “social media” mix, it’s actually a search engine! It is a WONDERFUL platform if you’re trying to increase your visibility and show up better in online search.  Think of Pinterest and Google as “besties” – so when you’re active on Pinterest, Google notices!

There are a few terms/quick reference things to know about Pinterest to help you navigate the platform: 

Your Page/Profile: This is the main page that people will see if you link them to it from your website or if they do a search for your name. Generally speaking, it will be ____ (whatever your business name is).

Bio: The area under your profile name that tells people about your business. I HIGHLY recommend you include your location here. With a business acccount, your website is automatically included, so you don’t have to include it. 

Created: The section where all of your pins live

Saved: The section where you can see your boards in a more organized categorization. 

Sorting Pins on Pinterest
You can sort your view by:

- A to Z - Last Saved - Drag-and-Drop


The PLUS symbol on the right side of your page is what you use to create a pin or a board.

Adding Pins

A pin is a single image or video. An Idea Pin is a series of images or videos (like a carousel or “story” on Instagram).


Pinterest is also a great way to display your portfolio because of the ability to create not only general boards but sections within boards. 


The ORGANIZE option allows you to move pins, rearrange pins and also create the sections.

Organizing Pins in Pinterest

Side note: The To-Dos is a private area for you to “stage” things. If you’re brainstorming a client’s event, you could put loads of information here and then once you feel you’ve come to a good place, move them to a private board to share with your clients. 

Here is a quick example for creating sections within your boards: 

Board Title: Balloon Arches 


  • Organic 
  • Classic 
  • Sculpltued 


Board Title: Organic Balloon Arches


  • White 
  • Mixed Color 
  • Circular 
  • Metallic 
  • With Florals 

If you don’t love updating your website (or find it really cumbersome), you can add images to Pinterest that link back to your site, making it easy for your customers to see AND benefiting from extra SEO. 

The SEARCH function is the most used feature on Pinterest. This is where people will type in what they’re looking for. Pinterest will automatically serve up content that best fits, even if the keyword isn’t exact. This is a great way for you to know what people are looking for. 

Pinterest Search Function

The ONLY thing I want you to do today is a little research. Think about ALL of the product/ services you provide and search each of them on Pinterest.

Write down all of the keywords that pop up (like you see above) and then click through the ones that feel the most relevant. If they’re really popular, you’ll see additional options below the search bar (they’ll look like buttons).

Next week, come back to see my next post about creating a Pinterest strategy for your balloon business!  


Your Partner in Success,
Joette Giardina, CBA
Mentor. Motivator. Speaker. 


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